Review: “Outer Banks” new season did not disappoint

Netflix released third season of its hit show


courtesy of Netflix

Netflix released the third season of its hit show “Outer Banks” on Feb 23. The show is about a group of high schoolers living in the Outer Banks who go on a treasure hunt for gold. By the end of the third season, the kids are stranded on a deserted island and need to find their way home. Many fans have long awaited the release of season three, and the show’s large fan base was definitely pleased by the action and romance-packed series.

The show’s main character is John B. Routledge, played by Chase Stoke, whose father went missing three years ago. John B has been hell-bent on finding him as he refused to believe that he passed, as others tried to tell him. As seen in the season three trailer, John B. is finally reunited with his dad, just as fans have been waiting for. John B. is a lot like his father, determined and keen on finding hidden treasures. Fans get to see a new side of John B. as he is reunited with his dad, the familial feeling of this season is a new one for him. Both Stokes and Charles Halford, who plays John B.’s father “Big John,” give wonderful performances as the heart-warming and gold-hungry duo. 

One of fan’s favorite parts of the show are the romances within this beloved group of friends. This season focuses a lot on the “Jiara” ship from characters JJ Maybank and Kiara Carrera, played by Rudy Pankow and Madison Bailey. Fans noticed a spark between these two characters from season one and have waited four years to finally get a more direct approach to acknowledging their strong connection. JJ is a hard-headed bad boy whose only rule is to not follow any. Kiara comes from a wealthier family, but chooses to forget about the snooty environment she grew up in to be with her friends whom come from the wrong side of the tracks. JJ and Kiara finally explore the strong connection they feel for each other, and Jiara shippers are extremely happy with the new season. The chemistry from JJ and Kiara is seen through the impulsive need to save the other from danger or bad situations, which really shows the audience how much the two love each other based on their sacrificial actions.

This season took the characters all over South America in search of a new treasure Big John was hunting before his disappearance. Even though the show uses a similar storyline through each season, viewers still find themselves entertained by this new action-packed season. Outer Banks is known for its crazy plot twists, and this season did not disappoint. Somehow the amazing writers always find a way to add new twists and turns to the story which keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. 

The new locations from season three looked absolutely stunning on screen. The cinematography was so beautiful and really brought the show to life. The oceans and forests that were seen in season 3 gave the audience a tropical feeling with the third season. Everything about the show is aesthetically pleasing, from the music, to the costumes, to the beautiful scenery. Even though the season was released in the middle of February, audiences feel like it’s the middle of summer when they watch this coming-of-age story. Director Jonas Pate outdid himself with this new season, in every aspect.

The third season of “Outer Banks” brought a new storyline and amazing moments for fans to enjoy and explore. The storyline was entertaining without being repetitive, the action and danger in season three will definitely keep fans on their toes, along with the many plot twists throughout this season. As expected, fans have gushed over the flowering relationships in season three and the large fanbase is already excited for season four, which was announced five days before the season three premiere. The new season deserves a 10/10 for its beautiful cinematography and incredible writing, as usual.