Junior trumpet player Tyler Johnson

Q: What does being a state qualifier mean to you?

A: “It means with hard work and determination, I can achieve anything.”

Q: How long did you have to prepare for state?
A: “[Since] whenever I got the music, which was back in August.”

Q: Do you remember the exact moment you found out you made it? How did you feel?
A: “I was very excited and proud that I made it. My goal was only to make area this year and the fact that I made it [to state] was very exciting for me.”

Q: What was the biggest challenge in preparing for this audition?
A: “The competition and beating one of the hardest districts like Flower Mound, Marcus [and] Hebron. They have really talented players, to be up against them is really amazing.”

Q: Have you qualified before? If not, what do you think helped you qualify this time around? 
A: “No, this is my first time to make state. I wanted to prove I can make it [to] state.”

Q: Do you have a particular routine you follow in preparation for auditions like this? 
A: “No, not really. I go into the room and they call my name up and do my script and [to] play.”

Q: What advice do you have in terms of dealing with nerves during auditions?
A: “For me, it’s OK to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and you’re never going to have a perfect audition. It’s going to be fine and everyone is going to mess up somehow.”

Q: What do you hope to gain from this experience?
A: “I [try] to keep improving in whatever I want to do in my life and keep putting in the determination.”

Q: Do you feel this experience is life changing? Why or why not?
A: “Oh yeah, definitely. I can get scholarships for colleges and this is something I can pursue.”

Q: What advice do you have for people hoping to make state in the future?
A: “It’s awesome. With hard work and with the right mindset to make state, you definitely can.”

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