Chasing the dream

Senior Atrion Sorrells becomes finalist for Baylor Young Entrepreneurship Awards


Senior Atrion Sorells poses for a picture as he sells his T-shirts from his clothing line A’Style Productions during the home game against Irving Nimitz on Friday, Oct. 25. Courtesy of Valerie Cooper.

Senior Atrion Sorrells is speechless as he attempts to process the news he just received. He is a finalist for the Baylor Young Entrepreneurship Awards. Sorrells is filled with joy and a sense of accomplishment.

He recalls the early days of starting his clothing line, A’Style Productions, such as sketching the first shirt for the company and revising it until coming up with the final product. And now here he is, a finalist for an entrepreneurship competition. The awards ceremony for the Baylor Young Entrepreneurship Awards will be held on Friday, Nov. 15 at Baylor in Waco, Texas.

“I’m really honored to represent Lewisville High School,” Sorrells said. “When I found out I got in, I was really proud because it’s my passion and it’s about the hard work I put in.”

Business and marketing teacher Valerie Cooper helped Sorrells prepare for the competition by mentoring him during entrepreneurship club on Thursdays during A-block lunch. Through the club, Sorrells told Cooper about his idea of creating his own line of clothing and Cooper saw this as an opportunity to submit his idea to the Baylor Young Entrepreneurship Awards.

“He’s very passionate about [entrepreneurship] and you have to be passionate about it, otherwise it’s just a task,” Cooper said. “His passion radiates, and I think when [he] gets in front of a room with judges they’re going to be so taken aback by his charisma, charm and passion.”

Senior Bryce Baker and Sorrells have been friends since Baker joined football in ninth grade. Since then, Sorrells and Baker’s friendship has grown and Baker sees Sorrells as a brother.

“The best advice he’s ever given me [is] chase my dream,” Baker said. “Always chase my dreams.”

When I found out I got in, I was really proud because it’s my passion and it’s about the hard work I put in.

— senior Atrion Sorrells

Since starting his business, Sorrells has learned the importance of being an entrepreneur. He learned to sketch designs for shirts, searched for the materials to create them and received feedback from customers.

“I didn’t realize how passionate I [was] about entrepreneurship until the process of creating my business,” Sorrells said. “I’m learning [about being] an entrepreneur. I have to take more risks to help myself and to help other students get the opportunity to make money too. It won’t be just for me, it will be for LHS.”

Since entering this competition, Sorrells has noticed a confidence boost within himself. From starting his work on A’Style Productions, he plans to continue to pursue his dreams of being an entrepreneur and inspiring others to reach their fullest potential.

“Whenever I speak, I should speak into existence and be confident [about what I] believe in [and] whatever I’m trying to achieve,” Sorrells said. “Don’t hold back in trying to motivate other people [and] trying to achieve what an entrepreneur is.”