Interact raises money for St. Jude

Charity event results from the block lunch pie throw exceed last year’s total


Provided by Interact Club

Orchestra director Mr. Zauner covered in the face by the multiple whip cream pies.

The second annual charity pie throw held by Interact club raised $1,108.20 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital March 24, topping last year’s amount of $850.

Twelve faculty members were nominated by students to participate in the fundraiser and be “pied” in the face by their students.

“The teachers that get nominated tend to be students’ favorites, so there was a lot of love behind every throw,” Interact advisor Stuart Hollowell said. “Mr. Zauner and Mr. Baker probably got the most ‘love’ that day.”

Over 100 tickets were sold, including a number of donations that funded 100 more tickets to be given away to participants like senior Sterling Curtis. He nailed some of the faculty members with a sweet treat right in their face.

“It was pretty fun,” Curtis said. “Dr. Lancaster makes a bunch of jokes and he says a lot of cheeky comments, so it was nice to get to throw a pie in his face.”

Each of the faculty nominees were set for five minutes of continuous pie throws from students. Students selected their faculty members of choice for the sugary target practice. 

“Every one of my students, before they threw a pie, had some sort of grievance,” orchestra director James Zauner said. “Like ‘That’s for telling me this note was out of tune,’ or ‘that’s for playing this piece.’ It was funny because I couldn’t see anything at all so I was trying to figure out who it was and then I’d wait for something.”

Interact officers selected St. Jude for the charity this year and began to lay the foundation for the one-hour event in January. The Interact club is dedicated to creating direct relationships between community needs and student volunteers through events run by the officers. 

“People often say, ‘It takes a village,’ but don’t stop to consider that they’re a part of that village,” Hollowell said. “We’re all responsible for the success of our community, and we do our best to take care of those that could use a helping hand.”