Witching a happy Halloween

Spooktacular activities to participate in as an alternative to trick-or-treating


Alexa Hernadez

Various activities are offered as alternatives to trick-or-treating to celebrate the spooky season.

Everyone is familiar with Halloween, many celebrate it by dressing up and going trick-or-treating, but there are different activities to participate in as well. It doesn’t matter what age you are; there’s entertainment for all ages. Here are some fangtastic activities to get into the Halloween spirit. 

Starting off with a classic one: watching movies. For those who can’t take the suspense and horror, but still want to watch Halloween movies, there’s a section on Disney Plus with a variety of movies for Halloween. A top favorite includes “Hocus Pocus,” which made a sequel this year, “Hocus Pocus 2”, and another well-loved series is Halloweentown. 

If a more creepy and horror movie is what you are looking for, then the Halloween film franchise may be right up your alley; “Halloween ends” is the newest addition in the movie series. Netflix and HBO Max have a section for horror movies as well, and sitting down on the couch with snacks and lights off with classics like “It” and “Scream” provide another spine-chilling experience. An alternative is reading thriller or psychological books. A well-known book is “The Girl on The Train” by Paula Hawkins about a woman whose people watching turns into mystery with a couple of plot twists. 

Next on the list are haunted houses, a huge must. The fear and adrenaline people get is something pleasant during this time around. People who want the actual eerie feeling, go visit local haunted houses like the Cutting Edge Haunted House in Fort Worth. It has won a Guinness World Record for being the world’s largest haunted house back in 2015.  

Six Flags hosts Fright Fest, an event that runs through Halloween. Fright Fest is Six Flags but a horrified version, where staff members put on scary costumes and try to scare the visitors. There are haunted houses including “Piggy’s Blood Shed” and “Killer Theater.” People can go on the same rides as usual while the staff members try to scare you. 

Do it yourself (DIY) Halloween desserts are up next. They don’t have to be professionally made but with a bit of creativity and Halloween spirit could turn out to be cool desserts. A basic, easy to make dessert are these cookies. Sure, cookies could be store bought, but decorating them into mummies, ghosts and zombies could bring enjoyment into the Halloween season. Another yummy, DIY festive dessert is cupcakes. Make it a challenge and try to make them from scratch, then put spooky decorations on them.

Corn mazes are another favorite event people go to. There are a couple versions of corn mazes, the one that’s more kid friendly and not scary, another version is the horror corn mazes where staff members jump out and scare you. If not, then there’s also a pumpkin patch for the fall season. 

If going house to house to ask for candy isn’t entertaining, then another way to get free candy is at a trunk-or-treat,where you decorate the trunk of your car and kids ask for candy instead of going to houses. Churches, including First Lewisville UMC, host a trunk-or-treat nearby. 

A Halloween party is last on the list. Try to make the best Halloween costume; it doesn’t have to be too creative, but what matters the most is having fun. Showing off a cool costume to friends and strangers while getting compliments could be a huge boost of self esteem. 

Halloween doesn’t have to be just trick-or-treating. Everyone can be involved with different activities, and don’t forget to slay the spooky season.