Have the beary best Valentine’s Day

Variety of interests to partake in this V-Day

Valentine’s day: the celebration of a person the heart attaches to most. Whether it’s a partner, a best friend or a furry friend, it’s all about one feeling: love. Here are some creative and fun activities to consider for the upcoming holiday.

An event happening around town is the Teen Valentine/Anti-Valentine Party at the Lewisville Public Library, where you can enjoy delicious treats, play exciting games and make Valentines arts and crafts while meeting other teens. The festivity will take place on Feb. 9 from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Bring your friend group along and let out your inner party animal.

If you’re looking for an edible activity, baking Valentine’s Day cookies is the way to roll. Pillsbury releases a seasonal Valentine’s Day cookie made to be able to eat raw or you can bake them with love. If you choose to bake them, please, save yourself the pain and wait for them to cool before devouring. Though, don’t leave out your furry or maybe not so furry best friend, there are tons of pup-ular Valentine’s Day treats purr-fect for your pet!

Along with snacking on the festive cookies, you can have a self care night with friends. Valentine’s Day is 24 hours full of love, and there’s nothing more important than loving yourself with the people you care about most. For those who love to get your money’s worth, Bath and Body Works has a seemingly endless variety of self care essentials like candles, skincare, lotion and more. 

Building LEGO flowers is a time consuming yet wholesome activity for you and your significant other to adore. LEGO has released nine beautiful flower sets ready to be built, ranging from 608 pieces to 1,173 pieces. While it may be a pricey activity, spending time with someone you love makes it worth every penny. Gifting a flower from your bouquet to everyone in your friend group can also make the Valentine’s day spirit thrive. It’s a thoughtful way to remember each other after graduation or moving on to the next chapter.

The final Valentine’s Day activity requires nothing more than a journal, pen and you. Starting a journal is a great way to look back on how much you have changed over the years. Valentine’s Day is a difficult holiday to get through for many people and journaling allows you to let out the struggles you don’t want to tell other people. Whether you decide to journal every Valentine’s Day or even every day, it can become a fun hobby to decorate with stickers, markers or scrap paper. There’s no wrong way to do it!