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Farmer Focus: Junior Luca Bella Francis

‘Change can happen and your voice is important. Even if you’re young, people will listen to you if you have a purpose.’
Jade Slaughter
“Being a voice in your community is a huge honor and it’s really great to represent your peers in that way.”

This week’s Farmer Focus is on junior Luca Bella Francis. From Student Council junior class president to participating in the Youth Action Council, Francis is not only benefitting her school but the city as well. She’s a voice in Lewisville’s council organization designated to help the community as a young activist.


Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Having a bachelor’s in criminal justice, psychology and Spanish, with a good career.

Favorite hobby: Running and reading

Where is your favorite place to go when you feel overwhelmed?: To my room or on a drive

If you had a music album, who would feature in it?: Whitney Houston

If you could give your past self advice about high school, what would you say?: Make it an experience and get involved


Q: What made you want to join the Youth Action Council?
“I’m in Student Council and I already have a lot of experience working with the school, the community and serving others, which is something I would want to do for the rest of my life. The Youth Action Council gives me another opportunity to help the community. The way it’s different from Student Council is it gives more insight into what actually goes on inside the city, like what the city board members do and the issues inside the city. You just get to be that voice.”

Q: What is your motivation to help the community?
“As a youth, it’s a priority to recognize the issues in our community that some adults don’t realize or look over. That way, it can be a better place for everyone, of all ages. A community affects everybody, it’s not just things that go on inside of high school. In Lewisville, we have thousands of people and just being a part of that is an honor.” 

Q: What is your advice to any teen wishing to join this organization?
“One hundred percent do it because I can’t even think of any cons. If you want to help your community, are passionate about serving others, interested in what goes on inside our city, what needs to be fixed and what you can do, then definitely apply. At least just go for it.” 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish with the Youth Action Council?
“I hope to get the adults and the leaders of our city to recognize issues in the youth and how we can fix them. Part of being in the Youth Action Council is being a representative and being the voice for the rest of your peers in your community. As an example, mental health is an issue in our city and schools. Sometimes that gets looked over, especially by adults because maybe that’s not as much of a problem for them. They just think that might not be affecting the youth as much, or substance abuse and things like that. What I really want to do is highlight those issues, so that we can make plans and help get rid of them. Overall, I just want to bring awareness.” 

Q: What events have you participated in the city?
“Every year, the city has a variety of events. In the Youth Action Council, we have monthly meetings. Every time we go to a different facility from the City of Lewisville, we see what they do and how they work for our city. My favorite thing is at the end of the year, when we meet with the city board members with a presentation. We go over what we learned, what we want from them to help the youth in our community and how they can help us. It’s a really unique experience to be in the light with the adults being urged to help out and it just shows that community working together is always what’s going to make the difference. About the events, they have so many to bring the community together and that’s something that I really like about Lewisville. The city does summer concerts, Western Days and the homecoming parade. I’ve been to Western Days and the homecoming parade.”

Q: If you could repeat one of those events, which would it be?
“The homecoming parade, which is city wide. I’ve been to a lot of the city’s events, but the homecoming parade stands out to me. That is from preschool, from the Lillie J. Jackson center, all the way to the main campus with 11th, 12th, graders and everyone else. This event unites our whole community and the schools in it. From the preschool level, kids are learning about the community and about being involved. That’s what I really like about it, because it’s so unifying.”

Q: What have you learned from the Youth Action Council?
“I learned there are a lot of issues in our youth that need to be highlighted, and as the youth, it’s our job to highlight those issues and tell the adults. They’re not going to know if we don’t use our voice.” 

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment within the council since joining?
“One thing we’ve really accomplished is when our team went to a conference and we spoke in front of other youth action councils of Texas. In that presentation, which we pitched to our city members, we brought things back and they were really moved by it. The accomplishment was that we got the point across and that moves were being made after that. With the Youth Action Council, there was action being taken.” 

Q: How has this organization brought you closer to your community?
“It showed me working together as a community and as members working toward one goal, that anything is possible. Change can happen and your voice is important. Even if you’re young, people will listen to you if you have a purpose. That’s how it’s brought me closer, because I’ve been able to represent my peers with their issues and just take action. I feel like that’s an important aspect of our community.”

Q: How is it like to be a young voice within your community?
“It can be intimidating and you might feel as if people won’t listen to you because you’re young, but it’s so rewarding in the fact that you get to represent your peers and just make a change for them. For their future and our future. You get to change the community and make sure it stays unified and say how we want to make those changes that we want for our future. Being a young voice, it’s important to get out there, make a difference, have a purpose and goals for your community: for your peers and for your generation. Overall, being a young voice has been such an honorable experience.”

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    Stephanie CliftonSep 16, 2023 at 12:06 PM

    so proud of this strong and capable young woman