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Stamey’s legacy

Student Activities Director set to retire after graduation
Adolfo Martinez
Student Activities Director Allison Stamey to retire after the 2024 graduation.

When people think of this school, they think of the Fighting Farmers and the maroon line. While those things might make the exterior, there’s a foundation at this school that makes events possible. 

Behind the senior events and the homecoming preparations, Student Activities Director Allison Stamey is the figurehead behind events held at school. 

With the year coming to a close, Stamey announced her retirement, raising questions about her replacement and what it means for the future of Student Council and the school.  

According to Stamey, Principal Jim Baker plans to have other staff members pitch in to help fill in Stamey’s roles.

“There is no replacement for Stamey, there will be a lot of people pitching in including [CTE teacher] Abby Winston and other teachers who have to step up to fill the gap that’s going to be left by Mrs. Stamey,” Baker said. “It’s impossible to measure [up to Stamey] because her impact isn’t only with the school, but with students and the community.” 

This year, teachers pitched in to help StuCo with various tasks. Winston helped make the graduation sashes. 

“I’ve been a part of the [class of 2025] journey since their time in high school,” Winston said. “I’m excited to see all the things they do next year, and I want to help these students grow.” 

For the upcoming 2025 class, StuCo advisers Bernette Lindamood and Daniel Moser will still hold their positions in Student Council, with Moser helping with the senior class. 

“[Lindamood and Moser] will continue to build the program without Stamey,” junior class president Luca Bella Francis said. “It’ll be fine, but it would be an adjustment. Mostly because this was her program, and nobody knows it better than Stamey. They’re really great advisers, and they’ll have their own unique things to bring to it.” 

With Francis taking a new title of senior class president beginning next year, she goes on to say strategies she has in terms of continuing Stamey’s legacy of increasing student participation. 

“I want to boost student morale and incorporate pep rallies during the spring semester to celebrate more than just sports and senior activities,” Francis said. “We want to see more students participating in the pep rallies, and I think to do that, we need to work on our promotion and planning.” 

With preparations being made for the next school year, Stamey is reflecting on her career since the moment former principal Douglas Killough gave her the opportunity to work at the school in 1995, while making plans for her retirement. 

“I did my student teaching at LHS, and Mr. Killough gave me a position here in the fall of ‘95,” Stamey said. “I immediately said yes because I’ve never seen more love for school spirit than here. While it’s been a great career, even with the long nights, I know right now is the perfect time [to retire] because I’ve got a grandchild who I would like to see more, and other things I would like to do.” 

From Baker’s perspective, Stamey’s retirement is seen as bittersweet with her legacy and impact on the school being immeasurable. 

“I’m happy for her because she deserves to go on to the next chapter of [her] life,” Baker said. “I will miss her terribly, not only as a teacher, but as a human being. She’s a very close friend of mine and a wonderful woman. Aside from that, LHS will have to take a step backward to take two steps forward as we adjust to life without Stamey.” 

CTE teacher Marshan Naragon reflects on Stamey’s start at school in the ‘90s. 

“When Mrs. Stamey began working here, her hard work, pride and willingness to help others is what made her a good person,” Naragon said. “I’m happy she gets to retire as she’s extremely devoted to her students and her family.” 

Besides Naragon, Francis also reminisces about Stamey and states her opinion on her leaving. 

“I’m going to miss her presence, she’s really funny and I love her personality,” Francis said. “Her jokes, presence and energy are what I’m really going to miss having around because she’s a big motivator. She is a successful leader and she’s built many leadership skills. I’m thankful for that.” 

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