Top 7 spooky thrillers to binge-watch


Artwork by Dallas Nguyen.

As high schoolers we have become too old to trick or treat, yet too young to do whatever we want. With Halloween approaching, it seems like the best time to binge-watch spooky thrillers. Here are some recommendations to make your night terrifying.

Stranger Things – Season 1

This trilling series follows the adventures of 12-year old Mike and his crew attempting to locate their friend Will from the dimension of the upside down. As newcomer Eleven is introduced and a relationship blossoms between her and Mike, will he be able to solve the mystery of who is Eleven and how it ties to the disappearance of Will? This will all be explained in Stranger Things Season 2, which was just released on Netflix today.

Beetlejuice – 1988

Say his name three times and he’ll appear like the Bloody Mary legend. Beetlejuice is a movie about a couple who died shortly after getting married. Throw in an evil sarcastic and crude spirit with the family of three and you have yourself an adventure.

IT – 1990

Everyone keeps secrets, some more severe than others. In this creepy thriller, seven friends try to solve the mystery of the disappearing children in the town. Slowly, the mystery unfolds as Pennywise the Performing Clown starts haunting them. The choice is theirs to find the truth or turn a blind eye. But finding out the truth may just be more than they bargained for.

Rosemary’s Baby – 2014

With dark intentions of everyone around her, there seems to be no rest for Rosemary. She must discover the truth before it ends up killing her or making her lose her mind. Especially now that she has to look out for her unborn child.

Murder on the Orient Express – Nov. 10, 2017

A new murder has occurred. The train stops and everyone is eerily calm. The question still stands: Who is the culprit? Everyone’s a suspect when the detective begins his search for the murderer. Who might the killer be?

Annabelle – 2014

If Toy Story made you think your toys were alive, Annabelle will deepen your fear. A couple moves into a house unaware of their next door neighbors’ psychotic daughter. In a series of events, the neighbors’ daughter kills both of her parents and manages to sneak into the couples’ house. Suffering from multiple injuries, the neighbors daughter dies with the doll in her hand. As the couple moves away from the home, it seems as if their lives can never move on from the event, especially with the new addition to their family.

The Conjuring – 2013

Homes are supposed to feel safe and comfortable, right? Well, that’s not the case for this family. The Perron’s move into their new house where paranormal things start to happen. Will demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren be able to help this family of seven, or will things go horribly wrong?