Review: Flying Gorilla soars charts

Epic new mobile game steals hearts of those around the world


Temple Run, Subway Surfers and Sonic Dash are all classic endless runner games. Flying Gorilla, a new game on the App Store, has fans hooked and spending countless hours playing it. Its simplicity and zaniness far surpasses those which came before it. Fans have spent dozens of hours playing these addictive games and are now about to spend additional time on this one. A new game on the App Store called Flying Gorilla is about to leave its mark on the endless runner world.

Flying Gorilla was originally released on the App Store in 2015 until the developer of the game, Kazutaka Tottori, later took the game off the App Store and released a revamped version of it this month. Flying Gorilla gained fame after multiple large Instagram accounts created and shared memes of the game. The developers’ taste for gorillas certainly shows.

In Flying Gorilla, players control a still gorilla model who is flying over a river. The rules are simple: swipe the screen to move the gorilla from side to side and avoid oncoming obstacles. If the gorilla hits any other object besides a pig (the pig does nothing), the player will be met with a game over screen. Players will love the old school feel of the graphics and the exotic gorilla skins.

There are two game modes to choose from, endless and the standard level to level. In endless mode, players compete with others around the globe to see who can achieve the highest score. The speed at which the gorilla flies and the rate at which obstacles are thrown is increased slowly in this mode, making it difficult to survive. This is great for those who thrive off of the competitive aspect of games. In level-to-level mode, the obstacles are set and each level can gradually be memorized throughout multiple attempts until players beat it and move on. This mode provides the feeling of wanting to progress slowly, unlike its endless counterpart. The slow pace creates a stress-free way to pass time and have fun. Carnival-like music plays in the background complementing the game perfectly.

With an ad appearing after every one to three plays, gameplay is hindered and can cause the player to lose interest. The ads ruin the immersion and make each retry take longer. All mobile gamers will agree that ads need to go. Even though the game has this major flaw it is still enjoyable to play and lose yourself in.

The game has a 4.9-star rating on the App Store but it deserves closer to a 4. It has one major flaw that is holding it back from getting a full 5-star review: ads. This problem has plagued mobile games for years and the developer has yet to see that. If the developer were to remove the ads or make them not appear as frequently then the game could be enjoyed to its fullest.