Review: ‘Charmed’ breaks fans’ hearts repeatedly

New creation becomes disaster


Courtesy of The CW.

The second season of The CW’s “Charmed” premiered on Friday, Oct. 11 after the first season’s unexpected twist. The CW announced in January 2019 that a second season was in the works, and fans of the original “Charmed” series were ecstatic to find out the beloved series would be airing once again. But others were disappointed to see the reboot had a set of new characters, storyline and actresses instead of bringing back the original cast.

Season two starts off with sisters Maggie (Sarah Jeffrey) and Macy (Madeleine Mantock) hosting a party to celebrate Maggie’s birthday, adding a sense of enjoyment to the beginning of the show after last season’s hectic events. Middle sister Mel (Melonie Diaz) is elsewhere attending to her duties as a witch making fans wish she would cut herself some slack from everything she’s been through. Problems begin to arise early in the season and cause an unnecessary dark storyline to occur when an unexpected visitor enters the sisters’ lives.

In spite of that, the one part of the show that has not changed since last season is the way Diaz portrays Mel. Diaz’s performance of Mel makes the audience cringe because she plays Mel like a bratty teenager which prevents viewers from having soft spots for the character, and her acting doesn’t make the character likable. Although, there is more to Mel’s character because she is a strong, independent woman.

The acting and plot have slightly improved since the first season. With this improvement, the audience is willing to give the show another chance. Another exciting aspect of this season is Maggie’s character evolution. Since turning 20, the youngest sister has grown up and her innocent personality change adds a breath of fresh air to the show’s overall tone. The greatest part of this season is the romantic tension between Macy and the girls’ whitelighter, Harry (Rupert Evans), who is a guide for witches. Fans have rooted for them to have an intimate relationship since the first season with their hints of romantic feelings for each other and it looks like their wishes will be granted this season.

Darkness, betrayal and suspense are in store this season of “Charmed.” Yet, the show continues to be a disappointment to the fans of the reboot and viewers of the original series who wish the show had been canceled after season one. Fans can only hope it improves from here on out and that the writers will create a better plot or at least make the storyline less hectic.

Season two of “Charmed” does not give any bit of justice to the original series because it barely pays tribute to the native series. All in all, “Charmed” deserves a 2.5 out of 5-star rating due to the horrible storyline and unpleasant scenes.