Review: ‘Criminal Minds’ bids tearful goodbye

Seven episodes in, crime series leaves lasting impression


Courtesy of CBS.

After 15 years of catching serial killers, kicking down doors and flying to every state, the crime drama “Criminal Minds” bids a heart-wrenching goodbye to fans. The 15th and final season began airing on Wednesday, Jan. 8 on CBS after 11 months of anticipation. 

Following last season’s events, this season starts off with a brutal crime occurring leaving fans in disgust, making them wonder how the behavior analysis unit will solve the gruesome, disgusting crime. Later on, the first episode shows the main characters at Matthew Simmons’ (Daniel Henney) wife’s baby shower. Although they are at what is supposed to be a grand occasion, tension grows around them, making the start of the season tastefully ominous.

The first three episodes of season 15 display the character development from Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler). When “Criminal Minds” began, Reid was known as a geeky, antisocial nerd and now he has grown into a strong, intelligent individual. Although his relationship with Jennifer Jareau (A.J. Cook) has changed drastically after her unexpected confession to him last season, tensity grows in their friendship and fans wonder if this will break their friendship forever. This situation makes for a well-written storyline for their relationship and is a good touch to the final season.

The friendship of Penelope Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness) and Luke Alvarez’ (Adam Rodriguez) has strengthened since Alvarez was first introduced. Following Derek Morgan’s (Shemar Moore) exit at the end of the 11th season, Alvarez’ character was introduced in the next season and Garcia showed resentment toward him. Coming into the final season, fans have warmed up to Alvarez’ character since he has proven he will never attempt to take Morgan’s place in Garcia’s heart because of their tight brother-sister bond. This lights up the tensity of the season and makes for great television.

But the real drama starts in the fifth episode when one of their own is in danger. The team is faced with the fight of their lives as the person they are up against is unlike anyone they have faced before. The plot of the season gets deep from then on as the show begins to focus more on the characters’ personal lives rather than the suspects they catch every day.

Emotions run high as “Criminal Minds” comes to an end. After 15 years of being on the air, this season seems to be its best season yet. Season 15 of “Criminal Minds” deserves 5 out of 5 stars as it leaves an outstanding, lasting impact on TV history which will forever be remembered.