Review: ‘I Am Not Okay With This’ amazes viewers

Netflix strikes perfect balance of charm, intensity


Courtesy of Netflix.

Based on the graphic novel by Charles Forsman, Netflix original series “I Am Not Okay With This” became available to watch on Wednesday, Feb. 26. With a star-studded cast and an enticing trailer, the show had a killer hook to draw viewers in. The neo-vintage aesthetic and intriguing coming-of-age plot certainly had its pull, too.

Initially, viewers worried about the show falling into teenage clichés. The trailer, though interesting and effective, made the series seem too basic. Upon watching, the audience found that was not the case; despite the show being a textbook coming-of-age story, it’s done in a fresh and unique way.

Starring Wyatt Oleff as Stanley Barber and Sophia Lilis as Syd Novak, “I Am Not Okay With This” was destined for greatness. The characters’ relationships and emotions were beautifully portrayed by the cast, using intimate moments to show the actors’ chemistry. The charmingly awkward humor throughout kept the show from becoming too serious or dark, but it stayed true to its theme of loss and uncertainty.

“I Am Not Okay With This” leaves much to the imagination, such as the source of the peculiarities which surround Syd and her powers. The cliffhanger ending of the series was ominous, leaving viewers begging for more information and anxiously anticipating a second season to answer their questions.

Though the plot was one of the show’s strongest features, it was unfortunately rushed to fit the shorter length of the series. With only seven episodes lasting about 25 minutes each, the show is perfect for binging, but forced the storyline to become compressed and too fast-paced in the final two episodes. One event happened after another with a little filler between those episodes, while the beginning of the series mostly consisted of character development and setting up the premise.

“I Am Not Okay With This” easily earns 5 out of 5 stars. The stellar plot, amazing cast and concise length makes this show highly accessible and enjoyable. The mysteries of Syd’s extraordinary abilities, along with her overall charm and personality, kept viewers interested throughout the show. Netflix has found a formula for their original series’, with “I Am Not Okay With This” serving as a perfect example of what works best.