Review: BLACKPINK pre-release single ‘Pink Venom’ provides enjoyable experience

Anticipated comeback has arrived


Courtesy of YG Entertainment.

K-pop group BLACKPINK with members Jennie Kim, Lalisa Manoban, Jisoo Kim and Roseanne Park released their newest song, “Pink Venom,” under the label of YG Entertainment. At the time of the pre-release on Aug. 19, it had been 686 days since the last time BLACKPINK released a song. This highly-anticipated comeback broke records.

Fans had been waiting for the moment BLACKPINK would release new music. When the announcement of BLACKPINK’s new single released, “Pink Venom” quickly began trending on social media. YG Entertainment stated how BLACKPINK’s new music video had the highest production costs of all time for them.

“Pink Venom” lyrics describe what BLACKPINK is, with their confidence and charm. The song starts off with Jisoo playing a traditional Korean instrument, Geomungo and the girls chanting “BLACKPINK,” and the background providing a joyful beat. This was something Rosé said they haven’t done yet. Even without the vocals, the instrumental alone could be something fans can dance to and happily enjoy.

Main rapper Jennie came back with a bang, literally, as in the music video a truck runs through a brick wall. With spotlights surrounding her and her slight pink eyes, Jennie starts her rap. Fans are happy since Jennie hasn’t had a rap since “dududu” four years ago. In Lisa’s first verse, she has a line from Rihanna’s song “Pon de Replay,” which caught fans attention. Rosé and Jisoo pre-chorus talks more about how “Pink Venom” describes BLACKPINK with their strong vocals. The different styles of clothing and sets for each girl worked well and showed off their uniqueness. Each member fits together with their individual aesthetics. The chorus was not expected and it had minimal words. The repeated lyrics of “this, that pink venom” doesn’t sound natural to say, yet it was catchy and the addicting dance moves boosted it up. A huge excitement from fans was Jennie and Lisa’s rap together as both girls shined with their part. They finish the song with an intense dance break.

BLACKPINK will be back with their second album, “Born Pink,” on Sept. 16, with their World Tour starting Oct. 15 in Seoul, South Korea.

Even though “Pink Venom” doesn’t sound like something BLACKPINK has done before, it leaves fans cheerful. A beautiful, aesthetic music video with catchy lyrics makes this single a 5 out of 5 stars. This song will lift a fan’s mood and deserves a place in playlists.