Review: ‘Enola Holmes 2’ gives fans an empowering, romantic aftertaste

New Netflix release follows young detective on her second case


Courtesy of Netflix.

Netflix released Enola Holmes 2, the sequel to the 2020 hit last Friday. The story follows well-known detective Sherlock Holmes’ spunky younger sister Enola, played by Millie Bobby Brown, as she embarks on her second case as a detective. With the help of her brother Sherlock, played by Henry Cavil, she takes on a case of a missing match girl which leads her into danger, new places and the presence of new friends. 

This film has a witty sense of humor, seen by multiple punchy one-liners between Enola and Sherlock. Their chemistry as brother and sister is top-tier entertainment. Sherlock and Enola challenge each other with their intelligence and stubbornness leaving fans eating up every second of their witty banter. Their sibling relationship is fun to watch and in a backward way, makes the audience appreciate family more. Only two young detectives like Sherlock and Enola could entertain an audience while also playing intense mind games with each other.

While taking a second stab at her detective skills, Enola is reunited with her love-interest Lord Tewkesbury Marquest of Baselwhether, played by Louis Partridge. As hard-headed as Enola is, in the sequel she realizes her tenderness for young Tewkesbury. Fans will be happy with the romantic scenes between Enola and Tewkesbury that hints at their connection. Their romantic tension is high in this film and shines light on the awkward, yet intense relationship between two young teenagers. 

Certain production aspects of the film brought it to life, which really immersed the audience into the storyline. For instance, the costumes in this film were incredibly beautiful. Each character has costumes that reflect their personality, as well as keep the strong feeling of the late 1800’s setting for the film, not to mention the mesmerizing action shots and musical score in the film. The music behind the film makes the audience lose themselves in the scenes and brings to life the emotions felt by the characters.

The biggest takeaway from this film would be the message of family, friendship and feminism. Through her sequel, Enola comes to the realization that it’s OK to accept help from others who care about her. Both Enola and Sherlock were raised to be so independent to the point where neither of them are self-aware enough to accept help. They both come to terms with their need for help from loved ones, as well as the help they can provide for each other. Enola also finds a passion for a feminist movement, the real-life ‘Match Girls’ Strike.’ The Match Girls’ Strike was a real event also portrayed in this film as Elona and other young women take a stand against harsh working conditions for women. This film is inspiring in so many ways, and the message of feminist leadership will touch the hearts of so many audience members. 

Overall this film was exceptionally made and produced. The humor, acting, filmography and storyline were all impeccable. Audiences can never be disappointed with this group of actors. It had a modern aspect while also keeping its period-piece mentality, a perfect balance. Bobby Brown gave a breathtaking performance as a feisty young detective ready to fight any obstacle in her way of solving a mystery or hurting the people she loves. Young girls all over the world will look up to this character and her strong-willed mindset. This film deserves a 9 out of 10 for its cheeky moments between the characters and the impactful messages embedded in every second.