Review: ‘The Snow Girl’ unveils spine-chilling abduction thriller

Netflix releases novel-based mystery leaving viewers wanting more

Based on the thriller novel “La chica de nieve” by Javier Castillo, “The Snow Girl” was released on Netflix Friday, Jan. 27. The Spanish thriller series of 5-year-old Amaya Martín, who went missing in 2010 during a Three Wise Men parade in Málaga, follows Miren Rojo, (Milena Smit) a young journalist, and her involvement in solving Amaya’s mysterious disappearance. This dark series has viewers on the edge of their seats in desperation for the safety of Amaya and the answers to where the young girl may be. The haunting and gruesome scenes leave the audience in a chokehold as to what will happen next, not only for Amaya, but for Miren as well. 

With dead ends at every corner, the show leads viewers on a wild goose chase in the hunt for the missing girl. The plot development is astonishing, including references of Miren’s twisted past that tie into the disappearance, adding another element into the gut-churning yet riveting plot. Viewer discretion is advised as the series contains references of sexual assault, suicide and rape. Through every episode, viewers will experience the whirlwind of emotions the characters face while trying to figure out who can be trusted against the plagued abduction. 

The distinguished cinematography creates an exceptional depiction of the raw, unfiltered nature behind a true crime with the series’ composition of time. Viewers should note how the series’ time alternates between the incident in 2010 and present day in 2016 as they showcase the importance in which certain events are occurring. As Miren gets closer to the answer behind Amaya’s disappearance, she has to battle the line of fire between the police department and her boss with a journalist investigating a crime case. However, maybe Amaya’s fate falls into the hands of this trainee journalist with the strange video tapes of Amaya ending up in Miren’s possession.

While the series adaptation from the novel by Castillo has some differences pertaining to certain aspects that the show includes, like the characteristics of 5-year-old Amaya who was 3-year-old Kiera in the novel. The series still features phenomenal storytelling and outstanding acting. Viewers will be stunned at the many twists and turns, the obvious clues which aren’t caught the first time viewing and the thrilling moments leading up to a massive cliffhanger.

This hair-raising series was a fascinating mystery thriller showcasing amazing talent from everyone on set. The dynamic between characters allowed for a seemingly impressive show. While there could have been more episodes, the series did an outstanding job of keeping viewers engaged. Therefore, “The Snow Girl” deserves a 9/10 rating.