Review: Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’ leaves fans happy, emotional with ending

Director James Gunn concludes his Guardians trilogy satisfyingly


Courtesy of Marvel.

Marvel released the third and final installment in the “Guardians of the Galaxy” trilogy on May 5. The film follows the Guardians on their final mission to save one of their own members with the help of Gamora. Fans also get to see Rocket Raccoon’s devastating backstory having to face off against the High Evolutionary. Fans and critics were satisfied with the ending plot development of each of the characters as it leaves viewers emotional after watching.

The movie explores each of the characters’ arcs and perfectly ties up their stories in ways that don’t interfere with the main plotline. The main highlight is Rocket’s storyline, which is explored through flashbacks, giving upstanding explanations on why he’s the way he is. Rocket’s story includes important themes of animal cruelty and the dark truths behind it, showing that there can be people like the High Evolutionary hurting animals. The film also introduces a new character, Adam Warlock, played by Will Poulter as one of the antagonists that doesn’t get much to do in the film.

As for the rest, Chris Pratt is given great material to work with and shines on this film like he has on the last two films. Karen Gillian and Pom Klementieff stand out as they deliver stupendous roles and their characters get more development. Dave Bautista serves as the comedic relief in the film. Bradley Cooper’s voice acting excels as he is given more range to incorporate different elements of himself into Rocket’s character. The cast makes this enjoyable film into a masterpiece that showcases how much love the actors have for the characters. The trilogy creates a tearful goodbye to the cast.

The visual effects do not disappoint as they improved from the last MCU movies and don’t need any more work done to it. James Gunn proves how creative he can be as a director and this film shows his love for his characters by having a clear understanding of what each one of them deserve as an ending. The soundtrack is as great as the last two films and fits the vibe of the film.  

Overall, “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” is one of best MCU films to release these past year and deserves a 10/10 as it displays emotions for the audience that will leave them emotional, happy and satisfied by the conclusion of its trilogy.