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Review: Electrifying havoc erupts in ‘The Beekeeper’

Amazon MGM Studios presents action-packed thriller featuring Jason Statham
Courtesy of Amazon MGM Studios.

When the hive becomes unbalanced, it’s up to the proper beekeeper to fix it. On a hunt for justice for the only person who’s ever cared for him, Adam Clay (Jason Statham) is determined to seek revenge on those involved in the scamming of Eloise Parker (Phylicia Rashad). In “The Beekeeper,” Clay’s alarming skills in combat shock viewers’ expectations of a regular beekeeper and reveals a powerful former operator of an organization known as the Beekeepers. Statham, who is an accredited action-thriller actor, showcases a phenomenal representation of an unstoppable violent man on the loose.

The cinematic sensation is a gruesome chase driven from the morals of right and wrong. In “The Beekeeper,” viewers experience a pulse-pounding sensation while watching the film in theaters. As the director of photography, Gabriel Beristain’s distinguished cinematography is excellently delivered within the film. Beristain presents engrossing scenes that leave the audience in anticipation of what’s to come. Until the end, viewers latch onto every move, strike and punch Clay makes. Statham made a lethal weapon of a character appeal endearing and caring when he wasn’t stapling a man’s forehead.  

Clay’s mission to eliminate Derek Danforth (Josh Hutcherson) becomes tricker as it is revealed that Derek is the son of U.S. President Danforth (Jemma Redgrave). However, even the queen bee won’t get out unscathed when the beekeeper is on a blood-thirsty rampage. The 2024 release kept viewers entertained from start to finish. The comedic relief within the film provided the audience with pieces of fluff in the gory, addicting action-filled movie. 

Clay isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty for the right cause. He’s able to defeat groups of armed specialists without the use of a gun. Sneaking into the White House is a walk in the park for a former Beekeeper. Laws and regulations aside, Clay won’t rest until he’s successfully annihilated his target. 

The underlying message of being a beekeeper builds up the plot behind all of the violence. Action-lovers’ expectations of “The Beekeeper” are exceeded when watching how the events unfold as the film brings a new meaning to the action-thriller genre. Experiencing the movie in theaters is like no other. The sound of bullets ricocheting off of the theater walls fills the audience with pleasurable eagerness as to who is going to come out on top. 

Overall, “The Beekeeper” is an amazing action-packed thriller leaving viewers wanting to be a part of the ‘Beekeepers’ organization. Statham, as the main actor, is an excellent choice in casting for the vigilant role of a ruthless killer. The movie deserves a 9.7/10. It’s a great start for the upcoming 2024 movie releases.

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