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Review: ‘Found Heaven’ provides nostalgic mood

Indie singer ascends into new sound
Courtesy of Republic Records

Conan Gray released his newest album “Found Heaven” on Friday, April 5. “Found Heaven” Is the pop singer’s third studio album, filled with 13 upbeat songs. Conan Gray began releasing singles of “Found Heaven” in May of 2023, starting with ‘Never Ending Song’ and has released four other singles up until March of 2024. Though his last album “Superache” was only released less than two years ago, “Found Heaven” has a completely different vibe from that and his first album, “Kid Krow.”

The title track, as well as the first song of the album, is ‘Found Heaven.’ This track begins Conan Gray’s ‘80s synth-pop trend that various fans have fallen in love with. At the beginning, it fittingly starts out with heavenly music that slowly fades into drums and electric guitar. ‘Found Heaven’ is a powerful song about rejection turning into a journey of finding love that’s worth the fight.

‘Never Ending Song’ was the first single Conan Gray released before the release of the album as a whole; it easily left fans wanting more. It’s a song with a sad message, yet a groovy beat. It’s a song about a lost love you can’t get out of your head, just like the song. Near the end of the song, Conan Gray shows off his iconic high register asking “Can you make it play on and on like a never-ending song?”

Showing off his impressive low register throughout the entire song, ‘Miss You’ gives the strongest ‘80s synth vibe out of the 13 songs. Going along with the lost-love-song trend on the album, fans suspect ‘Miss You’ is about regretting leaving a relationship and quickly deciding that you’re still missing them. Even after looking for someone new, all you can think about is them.

One of the slower tracks on the album, ‘Forever With Me’ has similar meaning to ‘Miss You’ with lost love, possibly written about the same person. Though on this track, Conan Gray is expressing his love to the person he left, but also acknowledging the pains of the relationship. He states he regrets breaking their heart by repeating the lyrics “I ain’t sorry though I should probably be. I think I’m gonna love you, you’re forever with me.”

The last song on the album is ‘Winner,’ though it was the second single Conan Gray released for “Found Heaven.” It’s a deeply personal song about the singer’s difficult family life. ‘Winner’ has a similar vibe to ‘Family Line’ from his previous album “Superache.” Yet, ‘Winner’ seems more targeted toward a specific person rather than his immediate family as a whole. ‘Winner’ was an amazing closure to Conan Gray’s newest venture. 

However, “Found Heaven” had a completely different vibe from what fans were expecting, it was met with positive reactions from Conan Gray’s fans. Altogether, the anticipated album deserves a 7 out of 10 stars.

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