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Review: ‘Bewitched: The Goddess Edition’ leaves fans speechless

Laufey adds extension of previous album
Courtesy of Genius.

Laufey, an Icelandic jazz and alternative music producer, released an extended version of her album on Friday, April 26 called “Bewitched: The Goddess Edition.” 

Laufey is currently on her “Goddess Tour,” where she is traveling all across North America to perform and debut her three new releases named: “Bored,” “Trouble,” and “It Could Happen To You.” With the success of her Bewitched album and of her hits previous to it, fans were super excited with the release of the songs.

Her first new track “Bored,” starts off with a relaxed bass drum melody accompanied with her singing in the background. As it gets deeper into the song, the chorus comes into the mix, which is the best part of the song. The lyrics in the chorus talk about her past experience and reflection on the monotony and dissatisfaction within her past romantic relationship. Despite her attempts to communicate, their relationship disconnects and they end up parting ways. The protagonist expresses her feelings of boredom and frustration, hence “Bored.” 

Laufey does a good job with making a point and statement within her songs. Although her lyrics seem serious and emotional on paper, she does a good job “hiding” the lyrics in her relaxing jazzy melody.

The second new track “Trouble,” starts off with a subtle beat like her song Bored and gets straight into the lyrics. The first verse talks about the aftermath of the relationship she was previously in and how she had trouble coping with it, hence “Trouble.” The artist and producer says “I’ve been having trouble sleeping, trouble dreaming.” She wants the audience to know what she is feeling right there and then. As the chorus starts to come in, it talks about how she doesn’t have enough energy to do anything and goes back to the theme of how she has trouble dealing with it and how she calls herself a fool for falling for losing something she cherished dearly. This song mainly captures the essence of heartache and the ongoing pain she faced during her breakup.

The third and final new track, “It Could Happen To You,” starts off more “jollier,” with an upbeat piano playing the back and later hits you with an unpredictable happier Laufey singing voice. The opening intro tells the listeners to shield their hearts and dreams, Laufey tells them to approach love with caution, as she mentions “Hide your heart from sight, lock your dreams at night.” The chorus adds to the idea of the intro, urging the listeners to be careful. The main melody has symbols of the season spring in the back with the constant playing of church bells. Spring is typically associated with new beginnings and blossoming of romance, but with the constant enforcement of the phrase “It Could Happen To You,” tells the audience love is unpredictable. The outro ends with the humming of Laufey reflecting the unexpected nature of love and the impact it has.

Laufey is a young talent with more hits to come, Bewitched being one of them. Overall, the three new songs added all share the same theme of getting the message out there with her lyrics and with a catchy melody going on throughout the songs. With the recent start of her tour, she only hopes to make fans sing, cry and impact them along the way. “Bewitched: The Goddess Edition” deserves an outstanding 10 out of 10.

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