Breaking barriers by lunch with leaders

New club allows for students to learn more insight on community influencers


Jade Slaughter

Head football coach Michael Odle gives his speech as the guest speaker for last Friday’s Lunch with Leaders meeting.

To better understand the journey leaders have gone through and share parts of themselves students can relate to, incubator teacher Nicole Franczvai created a new club, Lunch with Leaders. The club will be held in A302, the incubator classroom, on Fridays during A and B block.

“What I hope this goes to is that it just gives students a familiarity with people and it helps students understand the driving philosophies of people,” Franczvai said. “I want you guys to have the opportunity to have a very casual conversation about things that have built this [leader].”

After Franczvai’s last club, Girl Boss, trailed off in the fall semester, senior Paulina Chavez recommended a speaker for the entrepreneurship class to analyze. This sparked Franczvai’s interest in starting Lunch with Leaders as a conversation starter.

“What if the dialogue started to include students?” Franczvai said. “I think a lot of students don’t know they can have more of a voice because they believe that they should be polite and be talked to which is garbage.”

On March 3, coach Kortlin White will speak to the attendees. Head football coach, Michael Odle, was last Friday’s leader who volunteered to share his story and what the community has done for him. A focal point of Odle’s speech was keeping lasting relationships that bring support and success.

“I know we are going to have really good speakers come through; there’s a lot of talent and a lot of really interesting people that have powerful stories in our building,” Odle said. “I hope the student body finds it interesting and they’ll swing by to listen to different people talk about their journeys. If you inspire one person, it’s worth it.”

One of Franczvai’s students, senior Mason Kantowski, joined the club as an opportunity to learn from the guest speakers and open a line of new communication.

“I think it’s pretty interesting to have people who know a little bit about the business industry and to just hear their story,” Kantowski said.