Editorial: Terminating the toxic

Relationships aren’t always positive


Madison Ward

Students hold hands.

Pain. Screaming. Heartbreak. When people are in relationships, it’s normally for all the wrong reasons. Couples are formed due to physical attractions and not the compatibility the two people share between each other. Students begin to date in high school for the popularity gain rather than their actual feelings for the individual, which can lead to unhealthy relationships and unnecessary drama.

In high school, one out of 10 students has been physically abused by their significant other, according to LoveisRespect. In certain relationships, whether it be the guy or the girl, control seems to be the leading factor in why they never work. Partners in relationships need to realize saying “yes” doesn’t mean they consent to everything.

Relationships aren’t supposed to stand for how much control your significant other has over you. Students tend to see the controlling aspect of dating as love when in reality it’s only expressing their toxic personalities. Whether it’s high school or college, toxic relationships can affect a student’s health and social life. While people can be controlling, these types of relationships can also become emotionally draining, causing depression and anxiety.  

Students may read romance books thinking jealousy is cute, but they soon find out it isn’t all giggles and smiles when their significant other is jealous of their friend. They believe it’s all fun and games until they’re asked for their passwords to their social media accounts. They’re happy until the‚y are left with no one other than whom they’re dating because they’re no longer allowed to communicate with their friends.

Now, what exactly is a healthy relationship?

A healthy relationship, according to thehotline.org, involves communication and boundaries. If neither of these exist‚ within the relationship, the harsh road of hard times is already present. Expressing love should be in words and small gestures, like holding the door open or telling your significant other “good job,” not by yelling or pushing.

Communication allows both partners to speak openly and provides a sense of security knowing they can seek each other in times of need. It allows you to see what you have in common with each other in order to connect.

Boundaries should exist in a relationship to establish each others’ personal space and determine what each person is comfortable with. Having boundaries creates trust and respect between the partners, allowing them to be able to visit friends and family without being accused of cheating.

Relationships can go through harsh times but that doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy; it’s normal to have disagreements with people, but it’s up to whether or not they let the relationship become ruined. Relationships take work and communication but not everyone is ready for one until they understand the basic necessities needed beforehand.