Column: Constantly moving

‘When you grow through what you go through, you create a breakthrough.’


Aiden Gonzalez

“I never really stayed in one solid place for a period time, all these ‘friends’ I thought I had were all temporary memories.”

You know, people often see moving as a negative thing, as if their world was destroyed just like that. Being labeled as the “new kid” is so stereotypical; it’s overrated. People are always going to think you are weird and mistreat you, use you for their own good. See, I’ve been down this road about five times and moved from five completely different schools.

It definitely had its ups and downs. I went from being outgoing to keeping everything to myself. A whole new school, in a whole new city, in a whole new grade level, the start of middle school. While everyone excitedly compares schedules with their friends, here I am rushing to get in my class and sit in the back so no one would see me. The teachers were the worst of it, my art teacher threatened to call security and physically pick me up and kick me out of class because I wasn’t comfortable getting up and sharing a little something about myself.

Those were the worst two years of my life. I remember sitting at the back of the classroom and watching the seconds pass on the clock. Even at lunch being the little chubby kid I brought my own lunch every day, I sat with my so-called “friends” who only used me for my food. They never talked to me throughout the day, never even looked my way. To be honest, I was happy to know I wasn’t sitting alone. I always brought sweets and chips for everyone because I wanted to please them. The worst part was sitting at the corner table while they take your food and give you carrots and celery because “You need it more than these cookies.” They weren’t wrong, I never ate at school. In fact, I was barely even eating at that point. The counselor didn’t even help because technically I wasn’t getting bullied. When I was, I was hurting so much every day.

I heard the news I was moving again, oh how excited I was, to the point where it didn’t matter where I was going. I saw this opportunity to change who I was, I could be further open and out there and that’s exactly what I did. See, I was extremely tired of being the shy new kid. 

Eighth grade was here, turns out I’m back in my hometown. Reunited with all my friends I was excited for this year, I realized I don’t always have to be the same sad lonely person who I had been for the past two years. Everything was lovely until I heard the dreadful news once again. I’m moving.

At this point in life I was confused about everything, I never really stayed in one solid place for a period of time, all these “friends” I thought I had were all temporary memories. Here I am, living the same exact nightmare I lived three years ago. A whole new school, in a whole new city, in a whole new grade level, but now it was the start of high school. But now I knew what to do, I learned from my mistakes and I’m still learning. This year I wanted to make it my best or at least try to, I started talking to people and getting to know them. Was I still shy and quiet? Yes, but no one’s perfect. For the first month or so I ate and sat alone but I didn’t care. I mean, I did it for two solid years so it wasn’t much different.

I didn’t let that stop me from making new friends, it took me a while but I made it. I’m satisfied with where I am and to this day I’m still making new friends. I’m pleased. Everything I’ve been through certainly made me the person I am today, I can definitely go up to someone random and start a conversation with them and not be scared.