Senior Goodbye: Every end is a new beginning

‘This may be the end of my high school story, but I’m ready to continue my series.’


“I’m not scared of graduating and becoming an adult, but I am scared of losing the many great friends I have created this past year.”

The start of my high school journey wasn’t a good one. I never finished my freshman year like I imagined, and I never was in person for my sophomore year due to COVID-19 and quarantine. I had a rough kick off, but I wouldn’t have changed how my experience turned out if I could rewind the clock. 

My family was a big support system. They helped me with the moments I feared I’d never fight through myself, they comforted me more times than I can count, but most of all, they encouraged my decisions and made sure this is what I wanted. My sisters are my best friends for life; they’re the ones I look up to the most, my inspiration for many adventures I wish to encounter. Being the youngest has its ups and downs, but watching my sisters grow up and finding their success was the best growth by far and hoping to be like them is my biggest dream. 

The friends I made throughout the past two years are who made me continue forward in school through and through. It was hard to reconnect with people after being locked away from society for so long, that anxiety of wondering if you’ll ever find friends again weighing down on you, yet I found my path and walked along it. 

This is to my friends, the ones I made in newspaper. The ones who helped me push through my last year of school.

To Claire: I knew the second I heard you listened to Stray Kids, we’d be good friends. It amazed me how we ended up having a second period together. We bonded over how unfair and unreasonable some classes were and shared the answers to classwork we didn’t understand. Thank you for being a trooper and helping me through our math class when I didn’t understand and sharing your photocard with me. I’m so sad we are both graduating, but I hope you make the best of life.

To Danny Boy Garcia: Words cannot describe how much you’ve made me laugh this school year. I remember you from middle school, and even though we didn’t talk much until our senior year, I’m glad we did. Your outrageous and comedic timing was a joy in newspaper, and even though I accidentally called you James once, and killed you multiple times in Mafia, thank you for being a joyful friend as well as making everyone laugh.  

To James Ross Dunagan lll: At first I didn’t think we’d be friends due to you joining the newspaper staff late, but when we went on the Austin trip and we saw how goofy and fun you were, you made the trip way better. I’m so deeply sorry you mistook pure cane syrup for hand sanitizer, but just know your mistake was a highlight of the trip and now an amazing inside joke with everyone else. Thank you for your funny memes and outgoing personality, you will be missed. (Mostly for the memes.)

To Jade: When I first met you, I could tell you were a warm person at heart. Maybe it was the cute southern accent, or the motherly instincts that came out whenever Mrs. Pinkham wasn’t here. At first glance, I’d never thought you would become such an important friend to me, and even a shoulder to lean on when assignments got hard. You helped me through my senior year more than I can imagine. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I love you forever Momma Jade. Please do wonderful things in newspaper. 

To AJ: AJ Jackson, the person I can count on most when I need help. The start of the year wasn’t the greatest, we weren’t as close as we are now, but I am so happy I got to meet you. You’re witty, fun spirited, and you make the whole class laugh over your fangirling sessions with boys we don’t know. You’re there for others when they’re sick or unwell which brings me to love you even more. I’m going to miss you so much, and I don’t know what I’ll do without us screaming at the top of lungs to Taylor Swift, or us joking about someone’s outfit. You became a junior I will never forget, please do wonders. 

To Taylor: My little bean. I never thought I’d be friends with a sophomore, but I’m glad I met you. I love how passionate you are about the things you love, and how much you pick on Jade for having a difference in opinions. At first you were shy, quiet and a little awkward, and I found it adorable. I’m so glad I decided to talk to you. You made my newspaper experience so much better, the laughs we had with Alexa, the tea we decided to spill about everyone and anyone, the awkward bows and talks with Mrs. Pinkham, everything about you made my life better. I’m going to miss you, even if we’re two years apart it doesn’t stop me from calling you a close friend. Like Taylor Swift said in “I Wish You Would,” I’ll never forget you as long as I live.

To Alexa: My favorite K-pop girl group lovin’ friend. Thank you so much, seriously, for everything you have done in newspaper. I would have been lost if you weren’t there to help me at the beginning of the school year, and I may have even lost interest in staying in newspaper. However, you came in my time of need, and I’m so glad we got to be friends who bonded over girl groups and the music we liked from each group. We found it coincidental as to how our best friends knew the same people but how cool it was. I also love the little outburst of emotions you would get whenever Dream posted, or when you found a cute picture of one of your biases in Twice. Even when you squeal over Rhea Ripley and her amazing Tik-Toks about WWE Wrestling, you were always a charm in class. We’re going to different colleges that are 30 minutes apart yet I’ll miss you dearly. Being in your presence makes me happier, and I thank you for that. “One in a million, believe that you are special.

To Mr. Hale: Thank you for teaching me how to properly write a paper. I’ve never realized how much fun and stressful writing can be when you are actually passionate about it. Also, thank you for insisting that I join newspaper, if it wasn’t for you constantly asking me to sign up I wouldn’t have made the wonderful friends I have grown to love and adore every time I walk into class. So, thank you for being an amazing teacher and pushing your students to do things they may miss out on. 

To Mrs. Pinkham: My best, and most memorable, teacher. I won’t do what Caitlynn and Emily did and give you a note about how they’ll hunt Cody down if he doesn’t kiss you at midnight on New Years. However, I will say I’ll miss you when I go off to college. I’ve never had a teacher as caring and fun as you, and even when I had rough days you always made it better without even trying. I was confused with how I felt about writing, but when I joined this class, had the practice of writing every day, plus your help with what format to use, you made me realize how much I’d like to do this as a profession, maybe even become a teacher and do what you do. You’ve been my inspiration for what I want in college and in my future. I want to say thank you, really, Mrs. Pinkham. Thank you so very much for being my light, my idol and a marvelous teacher. 

I’m not scared of graduating and becoming an adult, but I am scared of losing the many great friends I have created this past year. It’s strange, nerve-wracking and unbelievably insane but I’m ready. Every end is unexpected, even with friendships and memories, so thank you to all for helping me find my beginning.