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Senior Goodbye: Leaving regrets behind

‘I can at least say I made the most of a monotonous start.’

Was it four years, three years, three and a half?

My high school career started off unceremoniously. The image I created in my head of a hectic freshman year filled with meeting new people, joining clubs and going to events didn’t pan out because of COVID-19 forcing me online. I dreaded the long hours in my room, but I got through it.

Sophomore year brought new hope that I would do all of those stereotypical high school things like going out with a group of friends, attending football games or whatever the high school experience actually means. The start of the year felt like a frenzy with everyone returning from virtual learning, but after that initial honeymoon phase, life felt mundane. 

I went to school, came home, rinsed and repeated. It barely felt better than remote learning. Most of my friends were people I talked to online during quarantine. I felt so disappointed with myself.

Junior year consisted of the same, but to a heightened degree until I joined the newspaper staff in the second semester. For the first time in my life, I was able to practice my passion and feel a part of a community. The trip to Austin finally let me feel as if I’m a teenager, like I belonged.

I carried that momentum into senior year, which has been everything I wanted. Maybe it was too little too late to salvage the entire experience for me, and I won’t be walking away without regrets, but I can at least say I made the most of a monotonous start. 

To Ruben: You and I became friends off the fact we were the only “sports boys” on the staff, but we grew into a great duo. Beyond all of our fun bickering, I have a great respect for you and I know you will do great things after high school in journalism. You have a natural witty personality and know how to make any moment entertaining. Keep up your passions.

To Kevin: We didn’t meet until this year in newspaper and podcasting class, but you’ve been a fun friend to be around. I don’t know if I’ll ever love Scott Pilgrim as much as you, but I love that you’re open about your interests. Good luck in art school!

To Madina: We went through the gantlet that is pre-calc together and you made that class somewhat enjoyable for me. I still remember working together on homework during first period (lol). I always liked your humor, and I appreciate your hard work in yearbook. I’m glad I met you!

To James: Probably everyone’s message in these goodbyes to you is going to be somewhat unserious, but I like how outgoing you are. You were the only non-awkward extrovert on staff and that dynamic made for a lot of funny moments. You’ll stand out wherever you go.

To AJ: Your positive energy spread throughout the staff, and you were a great editor. English has been fun with you and Ruben, and I wish you the best. I know you’ll do great things after high school!

To Pinkham: I’ll spare you all the cheesy messages, since I know you’re cringing at all of the ones flooding you at the moment. However, I appreciate you helping me join staff in the middle of junior year and for providing a fun atmosphere in newspaper. Thank you for all the awkwardness you’ve had to navigate with me and everyone else. 

To Hale: My first introduction into journalism, you’ve supported me ever since. Thank you for being so passionate about UIL and writing in general. You showing how much you cared motivated me to be the best I could in every competition. I admire how long you can talk, but I appreciate all the help you’ve given me over the past two years. 

To Taylor: My first interaction with you was you telling me you know where I live on a good luck note. I never knew that could blossom into what we have now. You’ve single-handedly made senior year the best year of my life, I could never put into words how much I’ve loved our time together. Even though we may be apart for long periods of time during college, our bond will stay as strong as ever before. I love you.

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