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Senior Goodbye: You’ll hear my name again somewhere, someday

‘There’s no telling how ‘good’ this life will be, but I reckon I can make it interesting.’
“Once I’m a great sportswriter, winning a Stanley Cup, selling insurance or sitting broke in an alley, I want to keep celebrating every little win with the people I do it for.”

Hey folks, it’s time. It’s hard to decide between a witty commentary about my life or a sappy, bittersweet wave goodbye to this stage of it. Is this an occasion for laughs or tears? I’ll shoot blind and land in the middle somewhere, like I usually do. I hope it’s fitting.

My first thank you should go out to Honors Pre-Calculus. In the five days I took it, I learned great lessons, like how easy it is to talk to counselors, change your schedule, self deprecate and fall in love with writing. Call me a quitter. I’ll say it had to be done because, two years later, I wouldn’t be the sports-obsessed staff writer with more emotional volatility than an infant. I wouldn’t be the Ruben who found his way out of the corner with a loud passion that plenty of people seem to appreciate.

Alright everyone, buckle your chin straps. We’re hitting the ice, and I won’t hesitate to body check your emotional arse into the floor.

Pinkham: You deserve more respect than you’ve ever gotten for handling two adviser roles and raising a cute little Owen back at home. He’ll probably turn out more mature than the dozens of toddlers you have to corral at work. Thank you for letting me scoot onto this staff, then untrained and joining newspaper as a longshot, so that I could find a place I truly love. I never felt any pressure to meet my sister’s standard. I doubt anyone can anyway and you played a massive part in making it so. 

Hale: We’re lucky Lewisville is the more convenient commute, because the way people talk about you proves you’re overqualified. I owe my spot on this staff, opportunities in UIL, photography and podcasting to you before anyone else. I’m glad I took your word for convertible pants, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and other things people just don’t value enough. More than anything, thank you for keeping me in line when I got lazy, distracted or upset about journalism and competitions. Go Rangers!

The 2023-2024 Farmers’ Harvest staff: It wasn’t always the cleanest, but we did a mighty fine job and got through it. There’s a lot of you I didn’t get to know more and that’s on me. I’ll look back on this group with pride and am glad that my loud antics and arguments during class were entertaining to you guys. If it’s any consolation, I’ve finally learned to like my writing and the support of fellow staffers is a big reason for that. Sam and Charlize, have a great summer, and Sam, make sure Jade doesn’t get lost in Gainesville. Adolfo, Landon, Finn, Jaeda and Noah, enjoy the rest of high school. I’ll be reading along for who stays, but I know this newspaper is in good hands.

AJ: I’m glad this comes at a time where we’re not stuck on some stupid argument. It’s not a perfect friendship, but I wouldn’t change anything, not the hugs, not you being our editor-in-chief, not even the petty back and forths. I admire the late nights and effort you’ve put into surviving this year, and I’m even more proud to see it all paying off, more proud than you know. You don’t like me hyping you up, so I’ll leave you with this: I look up to you like a sister, like someone I can only dream of being as admirable or perseverant as. I love you dearly, and I’m going to miss you so much AJ. Take care.

Jade: It’s funny how the sweetest person on this staff is the one who rants about her Panera Bread job with such ferocity. You have a heart of gold, a hilarious attitude and even after podcasting and the ILPC trip to Austin, I wish we’d get to hang out more. Thank you for being there for me in tough times, lunch breaks and whenever I hated my writing. I wish you nothing but the best, you deserve it. 

Zain and Taylor: Isn’t it so cute you guys are sharing a section? It was better for space, not really anything cutesy. Zain, I’ll never think of headlines the same, and I know you’ll shine at whatever you end up doing. Taylor, I’ve read and learned from your writing more than anyone else on staff, and I hope you keep being as chaotic and funny as your Instagram reels prove you are. You guys are great friends and an adorable couple. I’ll miss being your third wheel every now and then.

Kevin and James: In a page full of cheesy goodbyes is this pair of roughhousing friends who I couldn’t help but mention. I expect to see you two again in 2043, and I had a lot of fun getting distracted, arguing, throwing shade about Scott Pilgrim or doing donuts in between warehouses. For pleasantries’ sake, I’ll say I have full hope in your futures and sanity. 

Zauner and Hollowell: I’m so thankful for you letting me take up your after school time with sports talk, questions about the future or absolutely devastating mental health talks. I’ve never been more comfortable around teachers than you two, and I think it’s something a lot of kids take for granted. Thank you for the encouragement, turning me into a great cellist and writer and going the extra mile that makes seniors remember and appreciate your classes years down the line. I’m proud to be joining that group. 

Andrea: At some point, you have to admit it. You’re going to Rice University for the price of a hamburger. You’re the Lightning McQueen of Farmers’ Harvest history. I followed you into orchestra and journalism and ended up in a great place. You couldn’t have been a better role model for me throughout high school, not to mention a great older sister. If you’ll never accept being the smarter sibling, we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Love you bro, tell all your cool college friends I said hi.

Mom and Dad: You are my heroes, my greatest supporters, the world to a young kid. You deserve so much better than my angry attitude and poor communication. I don’t mean it to belittle myself, for you are two amazing parents that deserve the best I can possibly give. Los quiero mucho, sé que soy suficiente, pero seguiré trabajando en mi mismo y en mi educación porque merecen mejor. Merecen el mundo.

Emily: I don’t refuse to credit myself for getting help or opening up. Being able to do that at all is what makes you so important to me. I sat in your old seat and rarely spoke to anyone, but you touched my heart like no one ever had before. You changed my life so all I had to do was live it. I love you so much and, now and forever, thank you for being my friend. It might’ve saved my life.

It’s over now. I’ll walk across the stage, trade maroon and white for Mean Green and a future I know nothing about. It’s terrifying, every bit, but I’m ready to go. I have to be, anyway.

There’s a saying that goes “treat a man as he is and he will remain as he is. Treat a man as he could be and he will become what he should be.” The support and encouragement I’ve received over the last 17 years are my biggest motivation, the best tool to tackle any challenge, defeat or depressive episode ahead of me. I can’t leave saying I have no regrets or that I always gave 110% effort. I just wanted to make you proud and apparently did a good job of it. That’s all that matters. 

So as I leap into adulthood without a clue of what comes next, all I ask is that you keep watching. There’s no telling how “good” this life will be, but I reckon I can make it interesting. Once I’m a great sportswriter, winning a Stanley Cup, selling insurance or sitting broke in an alley, I want to keep celebrating every little win with the people I do it for. If I can keep making you proud, I’ve no reason to be anything but happy.

Until then, good morning, good afternoon and goodnight. Travel well and remember to “Always Look On the Bright Side of Life.” You can thank Ed Pugh for that one.

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