Rachel Blake

Senior Kenhwi Kim

Q: What does being recognized in the National Merit Scholarship Program mean to you?

A: “I mean it’s pretty nice. It’s like a status symbol for you.”

Q: How did you find out? How did you feel?

A: “I’m definitely surprised but I don’t really care too much about it because I already got the college thing figured out so I don’t have to worry about spending.”

Q: What did you do to help improve your test scores leading up to it? What does it take to get the award? 

A: “It takes a lot of practice. My parents made me go to a study school where we took a test once a week. After each test we had to review the things we got wrong. During the week we had to go over commonly missed questions and subjects.”

Q: What are your college and career plans?

A: “I plan to go to a four-year undergraduate course and after that become a physical therapist which requires three years of schooling. I’m really interested in biology and how the body works so I think I’ll like it.”

Q: What activities are you involved in at school? Anything outside of school?

A: “At school I’m involved in Mu Alpha Theta and National Honor Society.”

Q: How will this award affect your life/future?

A: “It’ll probably help pay for college.”

Q: What has been your biggest obstacle academically? Any specific class? How did you overcome it?

A: “Finding the motivation to do my work. I’m not sure if I overcame it but I’m doing my work still so that’s fine. The amount of work isn’t overbearing, but I’m bad at managing time so I do everything last minute.”

Q: Who in your life has helped you reach this point? How did they help you?

A: “My brother helped me a lot because he also took the same classes so he was able to give me advice on what to do and the college process.”

Q: What is your advice to others hoping to be National Merit Scholars?

A: “I think a major part was my test scores, PSAT and SAT scores, so just practicing and focusing a lot on that.”

Q: What class/outside of school tutoring prepared you the most?

A: “The prep school I went to, Elite Prep, helped me prepare the most.”

Q: Do you have any good study tips for the standardized tests?

A: “Practice is key. Take a bunch of practice tests and analyze what you did wrong.”

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