Holiday hobbies

Here’s a list of fun winter activities


AJ Jackson

So many holiday activities are just a car ride away, no funds needed.

The winter season is many people’s favorite time of year. It consists of fun decorations, delicious treats, great movies and music to keep you company while the weather outside is cold enough to freeze water into ice. There is a huge number of winter activities not associated with a religious holiday and here are some to be enjoyed during the holiday season.

A non-religious activity to do during the holiday season is making delicious treats to be enjoyed. There are countless, delicious recipes to try out during the holiday season, ranging from beginner to advanced in level of difficulty. Baking is a great way to awaken your holiday spirit and will result in a tasty treat for you to enjoy in the end. Trying out some new holiday recipes is fun for the whole family and is a great new skill to learn for anytime of year. 

Another great holiday activity is looking at the public light shows in the area. There are tons of free light shows just a drive away and provide a breathtaking view of colorful lights. You can drive or walk through the displays located all throughout DFW. Grab some friends and family and go visit these amazing displays in the area.

The holiday season may be most known for the long list of movies under the Christmas category. Holiday classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Christmas movies are a great excuse to make a batch of hot chocolate, grab your favorite pajamas and cuddle up with loved ones. Movies can inspire the holiday spirit and remind people of the most important part of the holiday season: family.

If your wallet has bulk to it, the Six Flags Over Texas: Holiday in the Park is a great experience during the winter. The whole park is decked out in bright lights and decoration which gives a true winter wonderland feeling to its audience. Hot chocolate is for sale in the park, and there are multiple karaoke stations set up around the park with Christmas songs ready to be belted out. You may have to save up for it, but the holiday in the park is a great experience and fun for the whole family. 

The holiday season is also a great time to volunteer for those less fortunate. There are many volunteer opportunities in the area in need of extra help during the winter season. No matter what holiday you celebrate, every family deserves to have a great holiday season and feel safe and loved by the community. There are families in the community that can’t afford a Christmas without the help of volunteers.

Finally, making gingerbread houses is a super fun activity to do with friends and family. Gingerbread houses have an artistic aspect to them, oftentimes ending in the trying their best with a weak foundation held together by icing. Making gingerbread houses can be a competition of the better design, or just a fun activity to build and eat with loved ones. Dollar stores usually have gingerbread houses for a small price and it’s a super fun idea for the holiday season.