Review: ‘Trinkets’ leaves viewers with fulfilled finale

Ending on bittersweet note



Netflix Original “Trinkets” released on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

Fans rushed to their TVs, phones and computer screens when the long-awaited season two of the Netflix OriginalTrinkets” released on Tuesday, Aug. 25. They were eager to know how their favorite trio of thieves was doing since season one’s series of cliffhangers. After the turmoil the protagonist Elodie Davis (Brianna Hildebrand) faced alongside her two best friends Tabitha Foster (Quintessa Swindell) and Moe Truax (Kiana Madeira), viewers excitedly watched the show to see how they recovered from their bad habits, found love and experienced heartbreak – and they were not disappointed. 

The first season of Trinkets left fans on the edge of their seats with all the loose ends. Not only did they add the cliffhangers for suspense, but also for the plot development. Each door they left open made way for the characters to grow. The audience can see each person battling their past experiences head-on, like Elodie facing her problems instead of delving into her addictions and Tabitha’s newfound courage against her abusers. Not only were these changes gradual and realistic, but also inspiring to the viewers who have faced similar experiences with abusive relationships and addictions. 

Although the show did resolve its previous conflicts, they remained consistent with the characters and plot. Multiple shows attempt to do the same thing, but in the process completely change the characters simply to develop the story. An example is “Criminal Minds” and how they dismissed earlier plot points such as Spencer Reid’s (Mathew Gray Gubler) drug addiction to introduce new storylines. “Trinkets,” however, effectively moved forward with the intended plot while keeping the integrity of the characters in mind. 

Part of the reason the show was able to achieve that was through well-thought-out planning. They took into consideration all the problems their characters faced, problems the viewers and people of the real world also encounter, showing the dark side of incomplete families, addiction and abuse. All while also showing these characters, who were so broken and so deep into their own depression, facing their troubles and making their way out of them. The show made viewers feel accepted because they were able to relate to similar trauma being shown on the screen.

“Trinkets” set itself apart from other Netflix Originals when the creators made the decision to end the show. When a great show like this gains popularity, Netflix tends to drain it for as long as possible at the expense of the plot. However, the creators felt season two was the natural place to end for the most fulfilling and hopeful conclusion. 

Overall, “Trinkets” season two was phenomenal, from the inspiring character growth and the carefully thought-out plot to the realistic problems and satisfying ends. Although sad to see it go, fans are content with how the show left its three protagonists. The show rightfully earns a 4.9/5, only because no show is perfect – even though this one nearly reached the mark.