Review: Satisfaction for a sweet tooth

The Yard attracts The Colony’s dessert lovers


Senora Gianquinto

The Yard offers the ‘Mint Green Monster,’ a crumbly fudge brownie topped on a mint chocolate chip ice cream base.

With a goal to bring their unique array of milkshakes and sweet treats to Texas, husband and wife Logan and Chelsea Green opened up The Yard on Sept. 21. Located off of State Highway 121 in The Colony, the staff introduces a warming and fun feel while satisfying the community’s sugar tooth. 

With no line on a Saturday night, the shop provides 18 shakes, 36 ice cream flavors and 10 edible cookie dough choices, putting customers in a tough state when ordering. The shop also provides a specialty shake for the city, ‘Bourbon Bandito’ and releases three new milkshake choices each month. 

Although the bar brings a wow factor when making shakes, those with simple tastes may like the menu’s popular drink ‘Mint Green Monster,’ a crumbly fudge brownie topped on a mint chocolate chip ice cream base satisfying one’s thirst quench and need for a cold drink. The state’s specialty milkshake, ‘The Texas Twister,’ is a cookies and cream based shake with a white chocolate dipped cone and cow print cookie with a sugar-filled rim, being one of the most popular drinks at the location.

After finishing the desserts, customers are able to head over to the washing station and rinse the milkshake jars out. The dipped rims and sprinkles were hard to wash, especially taking in the fact soap was not provided to wipe off the small cups. With plastic bags provided, customers are able to take them home and enjoy their own drinks in them. 

The couple made sure to include something for everyone when creating their menu. Gluten-free, vegan and lactose-friendly shakes are available for purchase. Pup cups, cakes, ice cream pints and cookie-dough-to-go are for sale if customers would like to enjoy the treats on their own time or provide for a party. 

Tables and chairs are a little close together, and when the shop fills up, there is little to no seating available. The building itself is already tiny and decoration takes up a lot of space. 

Restrooms available for use are well kept as far as being clean and give a homey vibe. With great treats, great service and a unique atmosphere, The Yard deserves a 9 out of 10.