Review: Every flavor imaginable

Amy’s Donuts attracts big crowd for its large array of toppings


AJ Jackson

Amy’s Donuts opened its Lewisville location on Thursday, Nov. 6.

Nation-wide donut company Amy’s Donuts has opened up a new location right across the street from Main campus on Thursday, Nov. 6. Amy’s Donuts has six locations and each is individually owned. The Lewisville location was tasty and surprisingly efficient. They sell cake, frosted and traditional donuts, as well as kolaches. 

For a Sunday morning, it was pretty full but surprisingly customers were able to get in and out within 15 minutes for such a large crowd. They move quickly but also produce tasty food. You will be impressed with their level of service.

When it comes to the doughnuts, they would’ve been worth an hour-long wait. The doughnuts were absolutely delicious, and the weirder the flavor, the better. Customers can get doughnuts with bacon, pistachios, peanut butter or coffee grounds on them. Even with all those obscure toppings, it will be hard to find a doughnut you won’t like.

Customers can purchase individual doughnuts, a half a dozen or a full dozen, and depending on the doughnut, the prices may range, but overall they were reasonably priced. When ordering a full dozen of the most outlandish flavors available, the check totaled $21. If the doughnuts were of lower quality, then that would’ve been a little steep, but in this case, customers get what they pay for. 

A strongly recommended choice would be the ‘Horchata’ doughnut. It had a smooth and rich flavor, and even though it was super sweet, it still had amazing flavor, which is hard to do. An easy second recommendation is the ‘Chips Ahoy’ doughnut. It had chocolate frosting and was topped with Chips Ahoy cookie crumbles. It had that child-like sweet flavor you remember from when you were 7 years old. 

The only piece of advice to give would be in order to improve customers’ experiences, a seating area should be added. Make customers feel even more welcome so they want to sit down and eat tasty doughnuts in the establishment. Without seating in the shop, it felt a little cold and uninviting. 

An appropriate rating would be a 4.5 out of 5. The doughnuts were incredible, as well as the service. The only change to make is the chance to eat there. However, if you go, you will most likely want to enjoy it again.