Gaining knowledge during trivia night

Cheer coach Jill Van Klink inspires new school event


Dallas Nguyen

A sign is displayed at the entrance of the school to attract more attendees to cheer’s trivia night on Thursday, April 25.

Inspired by cheer coach Jill Van Klink’s hometown, cheer will host a trivia night in the cafeteria on Thursday, April 25 from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Trivia night was created by Van Klink in order for students and teachers to test their knowledge on various topics and spend time with their friends.

“The town I grew up in held a trivia night every year and the whole town would come,” Van Klink said. “Teacher teams would dress up as storybook characters [and] Girl Scout troops would compete. I think we have that same energy and passion for our community right here in Lewisville.”

Assistant principal Lanele Lindsey is excited to attend trivia night because he has participated in various trivia nights and has formed his own team with attendance clerk Stacey Holt.

“I’ve played trivia in other places and really enjoy it,” Lindsey said. “It’s [fun] especially [when] you put together a good team. I love trivia word games [and] it’s something I wanted to do.”

During trivia night, participants will be tested on their knowledge about various subjects and winners will receive gift cards and gift baskets.

“We have hired a professional trivia master to run the night,” Van Klink said. “There will be a few rounds, giveaways, concessions and family fun. [I want students] to have fun, to laugh when no one on [their] team has a clue what the right answer is [and] to beat a teacher.”

Attendance clerk Stacey Holt joined Lindsey’s team hoping to have an unforgettable experience during trivia night as she competes with her co-workers.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Holt said. “It will be fun [to] test my skills and have a little rivalry with my boss. [I think] it’ll be interesting [and] it will be fun.”

Van Klink’s message to those who attend is to have a wonderful time at the event and cherish all the memories during the game night.

“[I hope students take away] a new experience,” Van Klink said. “There are trivia nights all over Denton and college campuses all over the state. [It’s] just another interesting story for friends; maybe you’ll love it and use the same idea later in life.”