Battling between unfamiliarities

Softball, baseball players face each other in Battle of the Bats

Created by the two teams themselves, the softball and baseball players competed against each other in Battle of the Bats on Wednesday, Oct. 23. In Battle of the Bats, softball and baseball players face off against each other in a game of softball. The scoreboard between the two teams resulted in the boys winning 15-7. 

Senior baseball player Braylen Grandison enjoyed his time at Battle of the Bats and had to get used to the changes of playing softball instead of baseball. With these new adaptations came a new challenge of learning how to play softball.

“It felt different [because] we were playing on [a different] field,” Grandison said. “We had to adjust our throws [and we] started off in a weird count. We started off in a one-ball count [and there were adjustments] that had to be made. Overall, we [managed to make] those adjustments.” 

Battle of the Bats was all about having fun on the field between the players. Junior softball player Madeline Brooks didn’t find the event to be boring by the slightest. She found out the boys’ pitches to be harder than they are in softball, making the gameplay more difficult for the girls. 

“[I liked] how carefree it was and how fun it was,” Brooks said. “It wasn’t very strict [and] you could tell everyone was having fun out there.”

Playing with a softball, the baseball team had to loosen up their acts and had to learn how to throw a different sized ball. The changes were made, but none-the-less, the players found a new way of having a good time.

“It was very different, I know the boys had to go from a whole different ball to a whole different type of pitch, and then we had to go from a different type of pitch to how hard they hit the ball,” Brooks said. “It was still really interesting to see how we all acted to it.”

Head baseball coach Mike Campbell witnessed the event and believes it should be an annual competition instead of a one-time event because everyone had a great time. 

“It drew a crowd and it’s fun for other people too,” Campbell said. “I think it’s fun [and] it gives the school one more activity, one more thing for people to enjoy together.”

After the event, everyone was satisfied with the end results and no one cared about who won or who lost. Battle of the Bats was about getting together, playing for the team and playing for the crowd to enjoy.

“I think it should be an annual thing,” Campbell said. “It gives the underclassmen something to look forward to and it’s a lot of fun. It wasn’t about winning or losing, it was about having fun.”