Collecting for a cause

10 seniors work to raise money for American Heart Association


Ashley Aragon

The nominated seniors receive a can to collect money in.

Student Council is undergoing king and queen of hearts, an annual fundraiser designed to collect money for the American Heart Association. The month-long initiative, which began on Jan. 25 and ends on Feb. 10, coincides with National Heart Health month. 

Five senior boys and girls are nominated and tasked with collecting money for three weeks. Following the three-week period, the boy and girl with the most money are crowned king and queen. The winning pair will be crowned on Feb. 12 during lunch. Student activities director Allison Stamey said contrary to a traditional fundraiser, king and queen of hearts is an inclusive, communal effort. 

“We have the [nominees] take part and ask other students for their spare change,” Stamey said. “They can even go to businesses and around town.”

Modifications were made by StuCo officers to ensure the fundraiser, which has been held since 2009, could take place in spite of COVID. StuCo officer Alicia Rivera, who has overseen this year’s fundraiser, spoke about her hopes in regard to king and queen of hearts. 

“My biggest goal in regards to king and queen of hearts is [to raise] more than $500 for the American Heart Association,” Rivera said. “I want to raise as much money as our students can [because] the money we raise could go a long way toward saving lives.”

Because the year has been difficult for a majority of students, Rivera feels the fundraiser is an opportunity to bring light during an otherwise somber time. She also said it is a chance for students to interact, a rarity during a pandemic. 

“This year is definitely a gloomy [one] because of all the restrictions, so it’s very hard to go to school and look forward to something,” Rivera said. “But seeing the nominees reach out to people to meet their collection goal definitely raises the school spirit. The nominees are reaching out to people, which doesn’t happen every day.”