Prom ticket prices increase to $75

Pre-sale deadline April 18


Courtesy of StuCo.

Editor’s note: Additional reporting on this story was provided by Brian Pardo and Xiomara Alvarez.

Tickets for the school’s first prom since 2019 increased to $75 beginning Monday, March 28, after going on sale for $70 a week ago.

The junior class will host prom on April 23 with doors opening at 6:30 p.m. at the DFW Hyatt Regency, Terminal C. April 18 will be the last day to purchase tickets at school. Prom tickets will be sold before school, during lunch and after school in the Student Council room, G144. Tickets can be purchased at the door for $100 cash only for current students with an ID. No guests may pay at the door. Students purchasing at the door will not receive a meal at prom. Tickets will not be sold to students with outstanding fees and fines until they are paid off.

“Our ticket prices are the cheapest ticket prices of LISD, of any other high schools,” said Bernette Lindamood, junior class co-sponsor and assistant Student Council adviser. “We’re not making anything off of your [payment].”

While masks will not be required for attendees inside the hotel ballroom, all hotel staff will be masked and gloved while hosting the event. These individuals will be following state COVID-19 guidelines.

“The biggest challenge we’re facing is getting everyone comfortable going back into a big, public space,” junior class president Christian Nagel said. “You’re going from being quarantined for a year to slowly going back to more people, [and then] being with a thousand people like two feet apart from each other.”

To enter and leave DFW airport for free, make sure to enter the airport through the ticket only lane. At the hotel, attendees will have the choice to valet park, be dropped off or park in the garage. When attendees leave the dance, they will receive a passcard to put with their ticket. For more detailed information, check here on the school website.

Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and students will vote for prom royalty at this time. The meal is at 7 with the prom royalty announcement at 7:45. Shortly after, the king and queen will share the first dance before the dance floor is opened to all students. DFW Pro DJS will orchestrate the music and feature their newest 360 degree video booth. Students who use the video booth will receive a link to their video that can be shared on social media. An example of these videos can be found on their Instagram page, @DFWPRODJS.

“They videotape and live-stream certain things,” Lindamood said. “There’s a place they’ll take your picture when you’re there. They have two DJs coming.”

Dinner will consist of a baby spinach salad with roasted pears, herb-crusted chicken with pureed potatoes and asparagus. Dessert will be chocolate cake or cheesecake. Junior class officers taste-tested different meals to choose their favorites. “We got to choose an appetizer, entree and dessert,” junior class officer Faith Johnke said. “They will be alternated across the table so if you want to swap with someone you can do that.”

In order to be admitted inside of the venue, all students must pass a passive alcohol test while entering and exiting the ballroom. 

“If you test positive you’re not coming into prom,” Lindamood said. “The ramifications for seniors are great because that usually means DAEP and not walking the stage. We don’t usually have a lot of problems with that.”

There will be items for students to take home from prom, like a small memory book that includes important details from the event, a small mask decoration that is aligned with the theme, and any photo taken by the student at the photo booth. All of these are free of charge.

Dresses and suits or tuxedos are required to attend. The prom fashion show hosted by StuCo showcased gowns from companies like Men’s Wearhouse and David’s Bridal. There are also gowns and tuxedos that have been donated to the school, so if anyone is in need, contact junior class adviser Daniel Moser at [email protected] for more information on how to receive a dress or tux.

“I hate to see people not go to prom because they don’t have the real nice dress or tux to go to prom,” Moser said.

Students who invite other students who do not attend the school must pick up a guest form. These forms must be filled out and signed by the attending student and approved by the principal. All attendees must be younger than 21 years old.

“If you are an early graduate, you have to sign a form and then you can take it to Mr. Baker,” Moser said.

Junior class advisers stressed the importance of safety and good choices being made by all prom attendees and “guarantee it’ll be a nice prom” for all parties who attend.