A haunting festival

StuCo to host Halloween carnival


Courtesy of Student Council.

Student Council will host the annual Halloween carnival this Wednesday in the cafeteria and small gyms from 5:30 to 8 p.m.

“It’s a really safe and fun environment for little kids, they can come and know they’re going to have a great time,” Student Council officer Jacob Taylor said.

Special to this year, all families will be required to purchase $10 worth of tickets in order to enter. All high school students will not be allowed inside unless working for a club or organization’s booth, while wearing a wristband. Any elementary or middle school student who is with a parent or guardian is welcome to participate in the event.

“A lot of the high school kids weren’t playing any games,” junior class adviser Daniel Moser said. “They were just taking up a lot of room, then when you’re bored, things happen. That’s why we’re trying to have people come with their parents, and try to get the high school kids out.”

This year Student Council, clubs and organizations will provide many new games for the community to enjoy, such as a shooting gallery dart game and froggy fly fling. They are also bringing the classics back again: the haunted house, an obstacle course and other club-hosted booths.

“Student Council really went out and got a lot of these games,” Moser said. “There’s just all kinds of games where people can get involved.”

Giving back to the community and creating bonds is important to Student Council. The carnival provides a safe environment for children and their families, while also raising money for clubs and organizations. 

“It gets kids into our schools so they can see all these clubs that they’re growing up into,” family and consumer science teacher Blair Green said. “It gets them excited to be at school and that’s ultimately what we want kids to do is love to be at school.”