Cheers for cheer

School to host UIL regional competition on Sunday


Emily Honey

Junior Henrionna Johnson cheers alongside her team at the Homecoming football game.

Cheerleading will host the 2022 regional competition this Sunday, Nov. 20, Cheerleading is hosting, as well as competing in the 2022 Texas UIL regional competition. Regionals is the first competition of the year, and the cheer team will perform its new routine. Varsity will compete at 12:15 p.m., and JV will compete at 10:15 a.m.

“We have a mentality of ‘since we’re at home, we have to win,’” cheer team captain Alana Moore said. “We really want people to come out and support us.”

The team has been practicing since August, however, choreography has been planned since June. They practice three times a week, with occasional weekend practices to prepare for their competition. 

Regionals kicks things off,” cheer head coach Koneshieon Keaton said. “They are looking forward to seeing it full out together, full uniform and everything they got. Once they leave the floor they’re ready to see the video.”

The school will host 57 cheer teams and over 1,000 athletes will compete on Sunday. This year’s regional competition is larger than last year, which increases the level of competition for the students.

“[We have] a want to win,” cheerleader Henrionna Johnson said. “We don’t want to get beat in our own home, that’s embarrassing.” 

Cheer competitions are scored based on technique, difficulty, timing, energy, precision, execution and more. A perfect score is a 5 for the overall competition, and points can be deducted for any faults within the routine.

“The team is the strongest in our routine,” Moore said. “Our routine is really, really good this year. It’s composed of old choreography that we have won with, but also is different from past years’ routines.”