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FCCLA donates diapers and more to mothers in need

As part of their community service project, FCCLA started a diaper and wipes drive for mothers in need of baby supplies. The drive lasts through March 10.

The drive started at the beginning of February and has accepted donations since then, in rooms D110 and D107.

“Right now we have I think seven boxes of diapers and about nine boxes of wipes,” FCCLA adviser Christina Barrientos said. “I hope the end result is that the diapers and wipes go to someone who really truly needs the help.”

Supplies will be given to a mother/child organization called YoungLives and distributed to the mothers who can’t afford the materials for their babies.

“The program is pretty much based on need,” FCCLA adviser Heather Fox said. “So if they have people in their program who have a need for whatever we get to donate to them, so specific sizes of diapers or wipes or anything like that. They’ll distribute them based on need.”

A diaper drive hasn’t been done before by the club and they hope for better end results as they plan to reach out to students to donate and teach them something valuable with the cause.

“There are always people in our immediate community that could benefit from help, and I think that it’s an important value to teach everyone that giving back to your community is really important,” Barrientos said. “They can have a sense of purpose.”

Students in the club have found ways to help the advisers in donating and are looking for new recruits whenever they have new projects.

“It’s about the community and just recruiting more people,” FCCLA president Aleena Alex said. “We’re doing it for young moms. It helps them out financially in some type of way, so I just explained to them how it’s a good cause and just inspired them to donate.”

The diapers and wipes will be collected by the director of YoungLives, Melissa Gomez, the week after spring break and will be taken to shops to be distributed to the moms in the program.

“I think that it’s important to understand that some people do need these things and can benefit by getting these donations and just to kind of think of people other than yourself is always helpful and beneficial,” Fox said.