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LISD to host district movie night


Courtesy of StuCo.

Fun and entertainment will be brought to students with a movie night on March 22 at 6 p.m. at Grandscape featuring the family-favorite film, “Despicable Me.” Organized by Student Councils throughout the district, tickets for the event cost $5.

The original movie night date of March 21 has been pushed back to March 22 due to expected bad weather. Students cannot receive refunds if not able to make the new date. 

The district movie night is hosted primarily to raise money and bring together people in the district. The money will go to the “Adopt an Angel” program and the district’s back to school program. 

“A lot of people just want to come and have fun,” student activities director Allison Stamey said. “You bring big picnic blankets, you watch the big screen and sit on the turf. So it’s really fun, it really is a fun night, and I hope people can make it tomorrow.”

Students can receive community service hours for purchasing tickets and attending the event. For purchasing a ticket, students receive one hour, and for attending, students receive an additional two hours.

“I just love the idea of it,” junior Joseph Abulail said. “I feel like this is something that could bring the whole district together. It’s a good experience with friends for a good cause we can all support. I especially like the opportunity to get community service hours. It’s just a nice thing that helps out the students in need of more hours. I actually only need three more hours to meet the requirements so this is actually perfect. I get paid to play.”

Last year the district movie night sold around 90 tickets. This year StuCo sold 250 tickets, exceeding the expectations set by last year. 

“It’s been a recurring event that we as LISD schools have come together and done for a few years,” StuCo president Faith Johnke said. “I believe we do it every year because everyone loves it and wants to go see a movie at Grandscape.”

The district advisory board consists of superintendent Dr. Lori Rapp and students throughout the district. The board selected movies to be voted on by students at all five high schools, as well as did a lot of work to make the schools in the district come together. 

Regardless of attendance, the advertising campaign from StuCo helped sell more tickets.

“I would say getting the word out was really hard,” Johnke said. “We actually sold quite a lot of tickets at Lewisville. But I know a lot of the other schools are struggling a lot.”