Sprinting to success

Track to compete in Dallas on Saturday


Andrea Duncan

The next track meet is on Saturday, March 26 at the Jesse Owens Athletic Complex in Dallas.

The track team has gained strength and shown progress throughout the past few years. It is about midway through the season, and the next meet is Saturday, March 26 at the Jesse Owens Athletic Complex in Dallas.

“We have all have grown to be more of a unit than just a regular track team,” head coach Rory Durham said. “The Farmers are preparing each and every day to get better and break records.”

Each runner has been working on improving their times.

“To prepare for the season I’ve done a lot of self workouts, and I’m doing the best I can to put in work,” junior sprinter David Jones said. “What decides your success is the determination that you have to get better.”

The runners have a deep passion for the sport that strives them to do their best. Every runner has a different story, but all stories help achieve the same goal.

“[It is] definitely family [who inspires me],” Jones said. “My brother came through Lewisville High School and did great things for the track program and [went] to state in ‘08. Plus I’m thankful God has always blessed me with natural speed.”

The runners have made improved on their speeds and strengths throughout their time in high school. Jones went from not making any events his freshman year to being one of the top three runners with his fastest time in the 200 meter sprints sitting at 22.34 seconds.

Senior captain Austin Warren first stepped onto the track in middle school. His dad coached the track team for Westside Baptist Church, and he is the person who got him interested in track.

“Whenever my dad was coaching when I was in seventh grade he brought me to practice one day and I just loved that experience so I just stuck with it,” Warren said.

To this day, Warren still believes in preparing each year for every upcoming race.

“I worked really hard on strength this year, so I lifted a lot of weights and then I worked on technique and my race model,” Warren said.

Now, Warren sets goals to improve. He currently wants to set a personal record in his 400 meter, and also wants to make it to the state track meet.

“I’ve come a really long way,” Warren said. “I went from running 52s to now breaking 49s. So time wise I’ve really improved, but also I’ve become more confident in my abilities.”