Falling hard to get back up

Baseball moves toward next season after disappointing 2016 season


Andrea Duncan

Junior Mason Holt swings at the ball during the home game on April 22 against Plano.

Baseball season has come to an end, and despite the results not being what was expected, there are still high expectations for next year’s team.

After a long running season with high possibilities of making playoffs, the boys finished 10-18 with eighth place in district. A five game losing streak at the end of the season swiftly led them out of the playoffs with no chance of coming back. The season began with high hopes as they beat teams like Arlington and Frisco Lone Star High School with score margins of 12-14 points a game. These games did not count towards the district record, and simply boosted the team’s morale.

“We thought about it too much instead of reacting to the pressure,” senior Brennon Schultz said. “We lost a lot of games we should have won and won games that really didn’t matter.”

Players like senior captain Seth Spears and junior Collin Storms managed to stay focused for most of the season despite the outcomes. Spears has high hopes for Storms next year in his progress as a player and leader to the team. However, as this year’s captain, Spears saw a lot of mistakes and mishaps among the team that potentially led to the decline in performance.

“There were people not fully focused on baseball,” Spears said. “I think everyone just fell apart after playoffs were out of our hand. We still wanted to win, but some of us gave up since we no longer had that drive. But we will be a better team. We were a really young team this year. Only two senior starters, everyone else were juniors or sophomores, so I expect next year to be better.”

Head baseball coach Mike Campbell has been called a mentor and life teacher by some of his seniors. Campbell pushes his players to the max, always seeing what is to come and what can become of them.

“We needed to hit better and be a better offensive team,” Campbell said. “We pitched well and played good defense, and we have a majority of our players returning, so we have high expectations. They are all tremendous young men.”

Despite their unfortunate season, the Farmers are looking strong and pushing forward in off season.