Matching the pace

Track team hopes to upkeep success of last year in first spring meet on Thursday, Feb. 22


Yulyana Clemente

Freshman Kevin Vazquez and sophomore Bryan Hernandez run the track during practice on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

With the upcoming spring season the track team is looking to win some meets despite the departures of key players last year.

“Last year there was like four or five guys that were scoring most of the points,” junior Tyler Hopkin said. “This year I think it’s more of a team effort [rather] than just top couple guys.”

The first spring meet will be held at The Colony on Thursday, Feb. 22. During practice, the team has been focused on creating habits that will help runners in the upcoming meets.

“We’ve been upping our mileage and trying to build a great pace, so it can carry us through the season,” Hopkin said.

Though the team made districts last year, it hopes to go further with the help of new talent.

“As a team we have a lot of natural talent,” junior Matthew Forbis said. “A lot of kids that come up, like freshmen, are naturally fast which is really good.”

Due to the younger majority on the team, head coach Rory Durham wants everyone to continue improving and to stay competitive during the season.

“My goal is for every kid to improve as the season goes along,” Durham said. “If they improve enough we can be competitive when it comes to districts, that is the goal.”

The runners believe their best quality is the level of competitiveness they feel like could carry them through the season.

“We all just want to do our best; there is always someone willing to compete,” Hopkin said. “That will make us better.”