Shooting through the season

Girls’ basketball team remains hopeful after losing five-game winning streak


Senior power forward Wynter Taylor (25) watches senior shooting guard Kaiya Braggs (13) shoot a ball from the free-throw line during practice on Thursday, Dec. 13.

The girls’ basketball team’s [10-6] winning streak of five games ended on Tuesday, Dec. 11 against Irving MacArthur. Compared to last season, the team is further improving and working on getting back on their feet.

“Last year, we had a great team,” senior power forward Wynter Taylor said. “[Although,] I feel like we could’ve went [further]. But you know, last year was a great season; we accomplished a lot of things, we overcame many things.”

In the previous season, the girls lost in the first round of playoffs against Allen by four points. The players strive to get further in the competition than before. They will focus on better communication and their individual needs.

“Last season we had a good run in district [but] fell short in our playoff game,” head coach Sally Allsbrook said. “We had some characters on our team that we definitely miss this year.”

This school year, the girls will be challenging different schools from a new district than the past year. They will be going against new teams such as Irving, Irving Nimitz and Irving MacArthur instead of L.D. Bell, Trinity and Southlake.

“Everything is going good, we have a winning record right now,” Taylor said. “We beat some of the top teams. We’ve beaten Lonestar which is ranked number four in the state.”

With a new school year, the team struggles to replace their old leaders from the past school year. The team has recently lost two seniors who were crucial to offense and defense. Although, with the loss of the seniors, the team gained two new players.

“I feel like what we benefited from [the seniors] was learning how to never take plays off,” senior shooting guard Kaiya Braggs said.

The new players are going to have to fill in the key roles of offense and defense positions of the seniors leaving later on the year.

“This year our seniors, which I’m one of them, [are] trying to make sure we never take plays off and we don’t ever give up,” Braggs said. “We’re trying to help [juniors] develop and still do good things when we leave this upcoming year.”