Communicating with teammates

Girls’ basketball aims for first in district


Rachel Blake

Girls’ basketball players huddle together after first period practice on Wednesday, Feb. 5.

Currently at [17-10], the girls’ basketball team stands third in district with an overall district record of [9-3] and strives to aim higher. Having a majority of wins rather than losses, the team has its dynamic to thank. Although the players are young, they’ve proved themselves worthy competition to their opponents.

“A lot of people underestimated us in the beginning of the season because we have a young team,” senior point forward Sydnee Savage said. “But we’re having a pretty successful season right now [because we] talk. Communication is key [because] talking aggravates your opponent.”

Head coach Sally Allsbrook sees the girls talking and bonding and notices the way it positively affects their playing. She says their commitment and determination as a team makes them seem undeterrable. 

“This is the closest team I’ve ever coached,” Allsbrook said. “They respect and respond to each other in a way that makes you think they can and will do anything they set their minds to.”

Although they’ve won the majority of their games, they aren’t strangers to losing. Savage believes their losses are a choice, caused by the team not working together to play. 

“[We lose by] us choosing not to play, [because] everything is a choice,” Savage said. “We all play together as a team. But when we all choose to not play as a team it debunks us as who we are; that’s what causes us to lose games.”

The team’s losses taught the girls to learn from their mistakes. When the team loses, they encourage each other to work diligently and improve their playing, trying to make a larger effort to win the next game at home on Friday, Feb. 7 against Hebron.

“It’s not a good feeling [when we’re losing], but if you’re losing then you’re losing,” senior shooting guard and small forward Eryka Patton said. “You have to try [your hardest]. It helps us improve, and if we lose, it gives us the goal to work harder and to do better next time. I always keep my teammates up and encourage them to do better and they do the same for me.”