Tennis looks to begin season successfully

Team expects to continue growing against Flower Mound


Alexandra Canizales

Sophomore Nicholas Ward prepares to receive a serve during practice on Wednesday, Feb. 13.

After not playing in their last tournament due to rain cancellation, the tennis team looks to focus on the upcoming Flower Mound tournament. The next tournament will take place Friday, Feb. 22.

“I was really bummed down because I didn’t get to play tennis that day,” senior co-captain Virginia Ramirez said. “I hope for the best [against Flower Mound] and I know [myself and my teammates] are going to try as hard as we can to do good.”

Head coach Deanna Johnson believes the team has grown significantly throughout the offseason with the addition of new players. The energy they provide helps the team out in plenty of ways.

“[The new players’] excitement and eagerness to play has been contagious to many,” Johnson said. “They have learned so much in such a short time.”

This is the second season as co-captains for Ramirez and senior Michael Mendonca. They both have experience and know what they need to do to help their team.

“[The captains’] attitude has played a huge part in our team’s atmosphere in everyday practices and matches this season,” Johnson said. “This is their last season to play tennis for [high school and we will miss their leadership very much].”

To prepare for the upcoming tournament against Flower Mound, the team practices small skills, such as hitting and endurance, to help build up mental toughness and resilience.

“We just need to make sure we’re doing the best we can all the time, even when it gets tough,” Mendonca said. “Remembering all the drills and skills we’ve learned in practice [is very important] leading up to the match.”