Shooting for the gold

Junior Elliott Busby comes in fourth place at National Olympics


Junior Elliott Busby attempts to shoot a ball through the hoop during a water polo match. Courtesy of Elliott Busby.

His heart pounds fast as he extends his arm out, ball in hand. There, his eyes are pierced on the goal, ready to throw the ball. He knew there was a 50 percent chance it would make it into the hoop and then he aims the ball slowly into the target. Like a plane, the ball slowly flies into the air and doubt enters his body. Before he could blink an eye, the ball makes it into the hoop, scoring a goal for the team.

Placing fourth in the National Olympics Gold Bracket on July 25, 2018,  junior Elliott Busby achieved a milestone in his Thunder Water Polo career. Elliott is passionate about the sport and was inspired by his brother to try water polo.

“I’ve been playing [water polo] since the summer before my freshman year,” Elliott said. ”My brother played on the high school team his first year and he said it was a lot of fun [and] I wanted to try it. [This prompted me to join] for a season and [I] ended up loving the sport.”

Elliott’s passion for water polo has strengthened and inspired him to continue playing the sport in college, and although he is unsure what college he will attend, he hopes to be able to continue playing water polo wherever he goes.

“[I want] to play water polo in college [and] this is a good way to be spotted by colleges,” Elliott said. “[I’m] not quite sure [what college I want to attend], but either a west college or an in-state college.”

Junior Emma Arthurs has known Elliott since he was 8 years old. They became close freshman year when they were the only freshmen on the varsity swim team.

“I hope he goes to college where he [can] play water polo,” Emma said. “I hope [wherever] he gets to play water polo, he continues to do good and go farther.”

Elliot’s father, Aaron Busby, has seen the hard work he puts into the sport and is proud his son’s dedication has paid off. He hopes his son will achieve all his dreams.

“I’m very proud of all Elliott has accomplished and know there is so much more for him to accomplish,” Aaron said. “Travelling to his games throughout the state and watching his growth has been very rewarding. Elliott has always been passionate about the things he enjoys and it shows in how he handles himself with his team and his dedication to improving himself as an athlete and person.”

Even though Elliott believes he has achieved a huge milestone in his young life, he continues to be himself and work hard.

“Not much has changed about me,” Elliott said. “[My team and I] still [want] to work hard and still want to win. We just have to keep improving and come back and win that spot.”