Proving hard work

Cross country prepares for district competition


Alexandra Canizales

The cross country team warms up during practice before school on Thursday, Oct. 17.

Following an extensive and packed season, the cross country team heads to district. With eight schools competing at the district meet, the team hopes its skills increase the chance of success at the upcoming meet. The team will run districts at North Lakes Park this Friday, Oct. 18.

“I think the dedication and the effort throughout the season [has changed] and right now it’s getting tougher but we are ready for district,” junior Jose Rodriguez said. 

The past six meets have showcased the team’s hard work and perseverance for success. The boys’ varsity team has won a meet and multiple runners in various divisions have finished in the top 20. The coaching staff believes a part of the success lies behind leadership and unity. Having those two assets allows the team to have a tougher mentality moving forward. 

“The season has been going well,” head coach Heather Moss said. “We have been competing well and we have managed to stay healthy. The boys’ team has definitely bonded and the leadership we have with our captains is evident throughout the program.”

The runners believe they have improved tremendously this year due to their mentalities and practice etiquette. Adopting new methods of practice has given the team confidence. 

“We’ve definitely worked harder this year,” junior Logan Renteria said. “Mostly because last year we got new coaches and we were getting used to things but now we are doing better. We know how to train better and we have grown as a team too.” 

The team has stepped up since the beginning of the season. Keeping goals in mind keeps the team focused, united and eager for the future. 

“I think the maturity in the sport has grown a lot since the beginning and knowing what’s expected from the coaches,” Rodriguez said. 

The runners hopes their past successes at meets will lead them to success at district and allow them to advance to region. 

“Individually we’ve seen lots of personal records already and we are just going to peak for district,” Moss said. “Our athletes are gaining more confidence, gaining a better understanding of the sport and setting higher goals.”