Preparing for next level

Senior Khristian Versey signs to play with Southern Nazarene University


Senior Khristian Versey signs to Southern Nazarene University on Wednesday, Feb. 5. Courtesy of Allison Stamey.

Everyone waits and watches. He is nervous and it shows in his face. He signs with Southern Nazarene University and everyone cheers. He is proud of himself because he made it to the next level of sports.

Senior football captain and wrester Khristian Versey signed with SNU to play college football on Wednesday, February 5. He has been focused on earning this since the age of 6 and it finally paid off.

“My dad played football and it’s something I always wanted to do since I was a little kid,” Versey said. “I just wanted to go out and play football.” 

Versey has left impacts on those he played football or wrestled with. His peers and coaches have shown all of their support for him and his career throughout his life.

“It’s a great opportunity for him to continue his education and to play college football,” head football coach Michael Odle said. “I’m very excited about him. A prestigious university that values character and education is good football so it’s a dream come true for him.” 

Versey not only is a team leader; he knows how to control himself and keep his cool like many athletes. He is a humble player who wants to do what is best for his career. He wants to prepare himself for what he expects from the college level.

“I keep myself motivated by just knowing there’s a better future for me and not getting too down on myself so I know everything will be alright in the end,” Versey said.

I keep myself motivated by just knowing there’s a better future for me and not getting too down on myself so I know everything will be alright in the end.”

— senior Khristian Versey

Not only does Versey want to play football after he leaves SNU, but he plans to become a football coach as well. If he has the opportunity, he would also like to play in the NFL.

“I want to become a football coach somewhere in Texas, start small and just try to work my way up the coaching scale,” Versey said. “If I have the chance to go to the NFL I would, but if I don’t, it will be alright; it’s not the major plan for me.”

All of his friends, family and coaches have expressed how proud of him they are. People admire and praise him because of how far he has come.

“Khristian is a great player,” athletic trainer Austin Deboer said. “I have known him for three years. He works hard on and off the field. [I have had] him in the classroom and out at football; he is one of those kids who will do anything you ask. He puts in the work outside of football. I’m really happy for him and he gets the chance to pursue the game he loves.”

Versey looks forward to the college experience he has worked so long for and is ready to continue playing football at the collegiate level.

“I look forward to just getting to have fun and just have a good time playing football,” Versey said.