Preparing for playoffs

Players of the Game against Hebron give feedback on last district game before going into first round of playoffs


Señora Gianquinto

Senior Quaveon Davis (79) goes in for the block against Hebron’s defensive lineman.

What was your best play of the game and why?

Tony Nkuba: “My best play was my first pick because I had just got caught on and I was able to come back fastly and make a play.”

Devin Love: “I think my best moment of the game was when we came down after they had just scored so we had to punch it in to just really make the lead even bigger when firing back.”

Lamar Kerby: “I’d say my touchdown was the biggest play I had throughout the game due to the fact it was a kickstart moment that gave us momentum.”

Keeping in mind the turning point during the second quarter, what was your approach coming out of half time?

Nkuba: “I really just said to myself to keep my foot on their necks and keep fighting.”

Love: “I had a mentality that the score was 0 to 0. You don’t want to get comfortable while playing and let them sneak back into the game like last year.”

Kerby: “My biggest focus was to keep my head in the game and block out any distraction that would get between how I play, whether that was people in the stands or the pressure.”

When in tense situations like this, what is your biggest priority on the field?

Nkuba: “I just make sure I keep a next-play mindset.”

Love: “As an offensive linemen it’s really important to get on the ball quick, get the play and make sure the guy in front of me or my assignment does not touch and get anywhere close to the ball.”

Kerby: “Next play mentality is something I always keep in mind. It’s my biggest priority no matter what, whether that’s in practice or a game.”

What has fueled your improvement as the season has progressed?

Nkuba: “I just have to use my confidence to fuel my play. You have to believe you can do something to really do your best in it.”

Love: “Really just the enjoyment of the game and every part of it. The process that leads to the product, the good and the bad.”

Kirby: “Training during the summer and throughout the weekend has helped me improve the most during the season so far.”

As you prepare for playoffs, what is the biggest skill you feel you need to improve on beforehand?

Nkuba: “The most important thing for me right now is my consistency. If I play to my fullest ability I should be fine no matter what.”

Love: “I guess it would have to be my technique coming off the ball and keeping my posture right and consistent.”

Kirby: “I would say the biggest skill I need to work especially before Friday is how I drive on blocks.”