Seniors start club dedicated elderly

Students send letters, art to local nursing homes


Jennifer Vasquez

Students create Halloween cards for the elderly in the Letters for Rose club.

To help reduce loneliness among elders during the COVID-19 pandemic, senior Jennifer Vasquez decided to start a Letters for Rose club, meeting every other Friday in English teacher Joseph Gonzalez’s room during A block. 

“I decided to bring it to LHS because it seemed like a club which people could help the community while being creative with it,” Vasquez said. “I enjoy the fact that people show up with their groups of friends and interact with each other and also show care for what they are creating.”

The Letters for Rose organization was established by Annika Aristimuno and Layla Hurwitz, both students at Montclair High School, who found a way to occupy their time while in quarantine. The club helps combat loneliness of the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Letters for Rose aims to reduce loneliness among elders during the COVID-19 pandemic by creating and distributing personalized letters, art and donations for local nursing homes. Letters for Rose has more than 10,000 letter and art-making volunteers and has delivered over 16,000 letters and art. 

Those who turn in a letter receive 30 minutes of community service and those who turn in an artwork of some sort receive an hour of community service. Letters consist of a greeting and something relating to the date. For example, if it’s October one will mention Halloween, and if it’s December one will mention Christmas. 

“I enjoy being a part of a group of kids that have the same passion to write just like me,” senior Daniela Villarreal said. “If I can put a smile and a fuzzy feeling in their hearts then I would write a million more letters.”

Letters for Rose now has chapters in over 20 states with more than 300 teen volunteers and has delivered hundreds of letters. The goal is to create a chapter of Letters for Rose in every state in order to continue supporting our elderly population during this time of crisis. 

“Being a part of Letters for Rose brings me joy because I live for making others happy,” senior Orchid Van said. “If I was a senior citizen I would want someone to just fill me in on their life so I’m not left out.”